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Help with maths - Y7

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NEScribe Fri 21-Oct-11 20:12:51

hoping for some help/guidance here.
Some background ... My daughter is in Year 7. The system at her new school is to put the children into sets based on overall ability as suggested by MidYIS testing (which means she has started off in the bottom set for everything although she is above average in English and about average in most other subjects except for maths where she really struggles.)
Being put in the bottom set has really upset her so I want to try to help her at home ready for a reassessment in January in maths.
She is covering numbers, statistics and algebra in the assessment and I would like to help her to improve in maths before the assessment if possible.

Can anyone suggest any good online resources that would explain the basic things she needs to know in these areas? I know there must be textbooks available but I was hoping someone might know of some resources that will be easier for her to follow in the beginning.
With thanks

ps - mistakenly added this to another thread earlier so apologies if you read this post twice - not sure how to delete my other message!

kritur Fri 21-Oct-11 20:20:08

BBC bitesize is nice and accessible for this age. I would also try and incorporate maths into everyday life for her so it isn't intimidating. So get her to help budget for the shopping for a family meal, get her working out how much money you can save in the sales, get her planning a journey or using a timetable, or how much wallpaper you'll need for a room, how many times you'll have to fill the jug to get enough milk for a recipe etc. For children who struggle in maths it often stays in its 'box' where it becomes scary and something to shy away from.
Try CGP for nice straightforward books to support her, they group exercises according to topic and are clear and concise.

NEScribe Wed 26-Oct-11 11:37:25

Thank you for the advice - will look at BBC. Yes, we are trying to bring in maths where possible but she resists it strongly smile

I wondered what they are likely to cover in "numbers" assessment - addition, subtraction, multiplication etc and not sure how difficult statistics will be!

thanks again

startail Wed 26-Oct-11 11:53:24

That isn't setting it's streaming and I'd have thought very poor practice, I'm sure a teacher will be along in a min. But I'd be very cross with a school that did that.

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