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St Margarets v Royal Masonic

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motherhood5 Sun 16-Oct-11 21:27:16

We want our DD to go back to independent schooling and we have assessments lined up for the above schools in Hertfordshire. Just want some feeback on both as we are torn between them both. Also liked St Hilda's in Bushey. Our first choice would of been Abbots Hill but our DD is 4th on the waiting list for yr one place. Also St Helens, Habs and North London are full too so just looking at the above and St Hilda's.

Your feedback is very important.

Thank you

CeciC Mon 17-Oct-11 23:20:32

I don't have any DDs in those schools. But went to open day for both. RMSG is very big, for my taste may be too big. I know girs studying there and they are vey happy. It is our local private school so if I have too choose for location I will probably choose Royal Masonic. St Margarets I like the school, and more my size of school but unfortunately a little bit our of our way for us.
My DD1 has a friend in Habbots Hill and she is very happy and doing well.
Sorry not much help from me, but hopefully someone with more direct knowledge will come soon.

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