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Nurseries and schools in Ealing and Acton area in London

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ivalinki Tue 11-Oct-11 11:04:11

I need your help to find a good nursery and school for my daughter. She would be 3 years old in December and I need to find nice nursery for her. In addition,we would have to find a good primary school too and apply as soon as she turns 4. Currently we live in North Acton and there is only one school in our catchment area with a very bad reputation. We are considering moving but have no idea where to. Can you please recommend schools in the area or can you suggest different area that is known for good schools. Thank you

TheWoodiesinHongKong Wed 26-Oct-11 05:53:50

Our daugher went to Happy Child Nursery in West Ealing - which she loved. They have branches througout West London. However, as with most nurseries, the daily rate is high but this can be reduced with working tax credits & council rebated hours.

For Primary, we liked Montpellier School in Ealing (but have moved to Hong Kong!).

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