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Need to apply for secondary school by 31st October but moving area?

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mrsdaz Mon 10-Oct-11 18:03:00

It has been suggested that i apply for a school in the area i am in now and when we move in December try to apply to high schools in the new area after having had time to research the most suitable one.

Or do i just look online and pick the closest school to the primary we are sending ds to?

Im concerned that the places will all be gone at the school we choose in the new area but also that i will pick one now and it be unsuitable!

Any help appreciated.

I have asked the receptionist of the primary school to suggest a high school but she gave me a list of 5 local schools and wouldnt really help any further!

bbboo Mon 10-Oct-11 18:25:52

We are in a very similar position. When I rang the area we are planning to move to (Northamptonshire) , I was told as long as I got the application in by the end of february it would be processed (and places allocated) in the same way as everybody elses. (even though deadline on form for applying is end of October). After Feb, the places will have been allocated and we will have to accept whatever is available. In the meantime we are applying in the area we currently live in (just in case we haven't/can't move ) so that our child has a place somewhere!
We have taken time off school to go up to Northants to see round possible secondary schools now - on Friday we are seeing around 3, and will try and get up to see more before December.It is worth ringing up LEA of new area (if you haven't already done so, sure you have) to ask their advice.

prh47bridge Mon 10-Oct-11 19:38:07

You need to check the rules used by the council for your new house carefully. Some will treat your application as on time if you move into the area even though you have missed the closing date, although there will be a cut off date after which your application will definitely be treated as late. If you end up as a late application your chances of getting in to one of your preferred schools will be significantly reduced.

You should apply for schools in your current area by the end of this month. That gives you a fall back in case your move falls through for some reason.

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