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Bournemouth/East Dorset Independent Prep Schools

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jdubya Sun 09-Oct-11 14:56:09

We're moving to Friars Cliff, nr Christchurch Dorset in the next month and are having a total nightmare trying to get our son into the decent State schools (yr 3). We're now reluctently looking at independent schools, but don't want to pay the £3.5K plus per term fees. We've found a few around the £2K/term: Bulkholm Towers is one, but we're new to this whole private side of schooling so if you have any advice, or suggest any other schools I'd be grateful. We're prepared to travel so would look at schools from Poole to the New Forset to further north. Many thanks!

Hopeandglory Sun 09-Oct-11 17:29:10

New to posting but would just like to say my dc is at BHT very happy and we are also extremly pleased with school

jdubya Mon 10-Oct-11 08:23:12

Hi - thanks so much hopeandglory (love the nickname by the way!). I am waiting for the school to contact me to see if there's a space, and if they have will go and see it ASAP. We're still appealing on the state schools, but have a feeling it's unlikely to change things. Really good to know re Bulholme Towers - it def sounds promising although it's a bit of a drive for us. Thanks v much for posting ( it looked fine to me!). Thanks Jo.

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