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Nurseries in Milton Keynes

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kayr11 Sat 08-Oct-11 22:54:45

Hi, I'm looking for a nursery in Milton Keynes but really don't know which ones are good and which ones to avoid. Can anyone recommend any in Milton Keynes or Newport Pagnell? Much appreciated

redskyatnight Mon 10-Oct-11 11:48:24

Well I could give you a list of the ones that I and my friends have used and liked ... but tbh I think you woudl be better off, first narrowing down the area you want the nursery in, and secondly finding a few in that area and just visiting and going on gut feel/what is important to you. Depends on the age of your child as well.

WillowFae Fri 14-Oct-11 22:48:30

Walton Pre-prep is wonderful. Its in an old converted rectory with a real homely feel and the staff are brilliant. DCs were VERY happy there.

superhairdaycouk Thu 13-Oct-16 12:44:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Natalieevans79 Thu 13-Oct-16 20:22:41

Walton Pre- prep is fab! The nursery staff are wonderful and the grounds amazing. Can highly recommend

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