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Namechangy boasty thread - all welcome!

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SneakyBoaster Sun 02-Oct-11 20:41:58

We need somewhere where we can let off steam boasting about our kids. So, namechange and boast away! No competition, every child has different stuff going on and so on, and you have to be nice. Yes, we know every little gold star doesn't make our child the next Einstien, but we can be proud!

I'll start:

My 4yo got her first ever reading book on Friday, and read it through first time. We have been coaching her on reading with expression and so on, just to keep her interest while she waits to change it smile Not only that, but the teacher sends home a letter every week with the homework and so on, and she says every child needs to remember thier workbook and library book each week - no mention of reading book, and DD says that only her and two other children even got reading books grin

Some of the homework was to think of a way of recording things of different sizes (with the suggestion that they might ask a grown up to write a list), and she measured things with a ruler and wrote down the measurements, then wrote a list of big things and small things all by herself. The spellings were a bit off, but you could tell what she meant!

My 1yo (very nearly 2) asks to go downstairs and have her breakfast in the morning by saying "down house. honey on it." This is almost unbearably cute. She also has learned about half the alphabet, and points out the letters and makes the sound when we are out and about. She farted this morning and said "DD2 pump. DD2 did it. Naughty DD2. Pooooooh!" then collapsed in giggles.


I love my kids grin

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