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can a primary teacher teach secondary ?

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vannah Sat 01-Oct-11 14:57:35

If so, how to go about it pls?
I've been a primary teacher for years, also a maths consultant.
Recently I've been supporting a yr 8 child with maths
And I love it. Would I need to retrain? Gain a different qualification
Other than my pgce?

One more questions, if anyone happens to do I go about applying for jobs training pgce students?

Thanks in advance for any advice

reup Sat 01-Oct-11 15:00:19

I know a primary qualified teacher who went into secondary. He had had previous unqualified experience with secondary kids before doing a pgce.

vannah Sat 01-Oct-11 20:32:48

Thanks for that reup

EcoLady Sun 02-Oct-11 00:15:21

Any teacher with QTS can apply for any teaching job that requires QTS. Whether you have the experience to be considered for it is down to the recruiting Head to decide.

Regarding training PGCE students - every single one of the tutors on my PGCE at an 'outstanding' provider came into it via prior contact with the uni, usually by being Mentor for students on placement. Many of the work part-time in school and part-time at Uni.

kritur Sun 02-Oct-11 05:35:41

Yes you can teach secondary, you don't need anything other than your PGCE however it probably depends on what your degree is in as to whether you will be considered by the Headteacher (also on the quality of the field of applicants). If it's secondary maths then you might want to do a couple of OU modules to up date your maths skills so you're confident with teaching GCSE (although to be fair GCSE maths is a doddle these days). Other than that just apply. Some Headteachers will value your primary experience, especially if there are a lot of students with SEN who may be behind their peers and benefit from a more primary approach.

Teacher training is a funny one, some jobs are advertised in the academic press, some in TES (also If you just want a job working as a tutor (assessing PGCE students etc) then most of these seem to be part time currently (budget cuts meaning no-one really knows what's going to happen to numbers on PGCEs). Other posts in education depts tend to require a PhD either in education or in the subject you specialise in as they will be looking for you to contribute to the research profile of the department.

noblegiraffe Sun 02-Oct-11 18:49:43

Supporting a Y8 kids with maths is very different to managing a class of 30-odd hulking Y11s. I'd get yourself into a secondary school if you can first for some experience, to see if it changes your mind!

Tortu Sun 02-Oct-11 21:34:08

Perhaps post this in the TES forums? There is a maths section and you are more likely to get advice there.

Otherwise, I've nothing to add to what everybody else has said.

Good luck.

Uglymush Sun 02-Oct-11 21:37:03

As long as you have QTS you can teach primary or secondary. But we have just had employed a primary teacher to teach in secondary education, s/he lasted 4 days and 2 of them were inset!! It is a very different environment, if you can it would be a good idea to spend some quality time in a secondary school before making the leap. (I know this could be difficult)

Hulababy Sun 02-Oct-11 21:37:56

Yes they can and vice versa. There is no requirement to do a conversion course, although some are available.

Obviously you'd need some relevant experience in the secondary sector, and you will need some qualification ion your specialist area.

Not sure what the competition is like these days for secondary teaching posts, so the key will be getting a good sounding CV to get you the interview. I think experience will be the key.

I am considering doing it the other way round. I am a qualified secondary school teacher (ICT/Business etc) with 10 years+ experience, done prison ed too but now considering going into primary teaching. have worked as a TA in primary for last 2.5 years and just got a promotion in same school to HLTA. Next step may be primary teaching I think.

vannah Mon 03-Oct-11 21:51:34

This is brilliant. I've only just logged on to find these incredibly helpful replies. Many thanks all. Absolutely right to suggest gaining some experience first...I could approach a few local schools.
Feeling slightly excited for a change.
Thank you.

tutorsurrey Sun 09-Oct-11 12:31:25

I converted from primary to secondary using a return to teaching course. It was six weeks and well worth it. I stupidly thought going from secondary to primary would be easy cos they were smaller and I would have to remember less names.
If you're good at one you'll be good at the other.
I'd recommend some kind of course/voluntary work first.
Good luck.

nappyaddict Sun 09-Oct-11 12:48:57

Do you have middle schools in your area? Around where I live one county is all primary and secondary school, but over the border in the next county there are a lot of first, middle and high schools. Middle school is Y5 - Y8, so would perhaps suit you perfectly?

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