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clifton lodge prep, ealing

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Laureate Fri 28-Aug-15 13:15:01

Hi Anyone applying to Clifton Lodge prep school in Ealing, apply and watch your child flourish! This school has teachers and a Headmaster who will listen and will administer a transparent methodology to encourage the children at all levels to succeed. If you are looking to join, do your child boy or girl wil flourish.

Laureate Thu 27-Aug-15 11:48:30

I am a parent at Clifton Lodge prep school, I have to advise the school engages the children at all ages and encourages them in all subjects to fulfil their potential. The Headmaster and teachers are very
approachable and it is refreshing to see students rushing to school. I have other children who attended a different schools but this school is right for my youngest child of 11 yeas.

JoanByers Mon 04-Feb-13 15:14:01

I wouldn't go near Cognita schools personally. I think most private schools wouldn't go near Cognita either, so you would have to worry about the events that led to them being taken over.

LatinMumof2 Mon 04-Feb-13 12:01:40

Not a Cognita fan! Interesting post earlier about overreliance on photocopied worksheets - when I went to parents' evenings and looked through my children's books, the vast majority of work had been done with me as homework! Not sure what they did during the school day....
My other issue with Cognita is that if you have any issues with the school which can't be resolved internally, your only option is to ask Cognita head office to get involved. They are not part of any independent school associations, have no board of governors, etc so apart from a 3 year Ofsted inspection, are wholly unregulated. You may like independence but for me this smacked of lack of accountability...

jonnyb Mon 30-Jan-12 12:51:32

If it is a Cognita school be very careful, because Cognita are very much a business totally focused upon financial results at the sacrifice of everything else including students, teachers and parents. Their stated goal is “Teaching Excellence” however their actions as stated before are anything but. Ffynone School is one of their best performing schools academically, in 2010 Ffynone achieved 97% A* to C pass rate at GCSE with similar results at A level.
The cynical and cowardly way this board of directors (Cognita) has set about closing this school is shameful. The announcement happened just minutes before a group of sixth formers were sitting down to an A level exam. So much for caring about the children’s welfare… Teachers have been treated abominably with little or no information regarding the pending closure prior to announcement.
Cognita boast about bringing financial stability to schools they operate/target because of group purchasing power and expert managerial help. However in this case it seems they just weren’t up to the job despite acquiring all the things they say make a great school namely; great teachers dedicated to ‘teaching excellence’ proven time and time again by outstanding academic results. This shower have only managed the school since June 2007 and haven’t been able to make it work allegedly. Which should be a worry for the other 53 schools in the group.
Tonight a representative from Cognita will be at Ffynone to try and justify their actions with some financial re-engineering hocus-pocus (remember profit is a matter of opinion). However no board member is brave enough to attend – what a surprise!. Maybe real purpose for the closure is to try and increase numbers at another Cognita School 21 miles away - How sad they only used Google maps to justify such a catastrophic decision, ah well that’s money men for you – they know the price of everything and value of nothing…

Colleger Fri 30-Sep-11 13:52:56

Before, but even still I don't think I would choose a chain of schools. Maybe it's improved but all the kids did was copy huge chunks of work from books or photocopies, the library was appalling and DS at six was reading a book with poor literary content with swear words in it!!! There was a disproportionate amount of one ethnicity and DS was the only white boy in his class and was bullied for this. He was saying "in'it" within a few weeks!

crazyscientist87 Fri 30-Sep-11 11:21:51

Oh no, why was it dreadful?? When did he go, was it before Cognita took over or after? Hope you don't mind the intrusive questions.
Thanks Colleger.

Colleger Fri 30-Sep-11 08:09:46

Sent son there for a year - dreadful school!

crazyscientist87 Thu 29-Sep-11 22:43:08

Hi, first time poster here. Can anyone tell me if they have any experience of Clifton Lodge in Ealing? Any opinions much appreciated.

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