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For those of you who were at Primary School in the 80's

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Tequilamockinbird Wed 28-Sep-11 21:31:12

Would you like to reminisce with me about school assemblies?

DH and I were talking about the 'Come and Praise' book, and singing remembering the songs.

Does anyone else remember songs such as Autumn Days and Cross over the road my friend? Which others were there?

AmandaRif Wed 24-May-17 11:43:46

I remember, "miss I've really hurt my ankle". "Just get a wet paper towel on it"

dairymilkmonster Tue 23-May-17 10:41:29

Yes to
the ink is black
autumn days (fav)
cum-bye-a (?sp)
sing hosanna
give me oil in my lamp
that one about the cows from jesus christ superstar
....basically these from yr1-yr6 at all 3 schools i attended!
We also had the giant pull down board thing for the words!
DS1 sings a much wider range of stuff at school now.

Funkyfeather Sun 21-May-17 23:46:53

Omg! Autumn days... where the grass is greener and the chestnut something. ... I'm so looking that up right now haha thankyou smile

StairsInTheNight Fri 15-Feb-13 16:19:46

liked Jesus' ladder, and the autumn one. And cucumber my lord. And the holly and the ivy at Christmas time and we three kings. One in taxi one in a car.

zigzagzigzag Fri 15-Feb-13 10:25:11

this is taking me back -

I remember apuskiduski/thought my grandfathers clock was the saddest song ever... and had various versions of the english country garden. Does anyone remember the "thank you" song - we had to sing it in assembly and no-one could remember all the words - we just sang thank you very loudly!

My DS still sings Autumn Days at school (it is old fashioned though...)

Merlion Fri 15-Feb-13 08:28:42

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. So many that I'd completely forgotten about.:

Who Put the Colours in the Rainbow
When God Made the Garden of Creation
Travel On
Mary Had a Baby

My favourite was probably still Autumn Days though

CPtart Fri 15-Feb-13 08:08:43

God, if my DC sang colours of day in assembly I would be howling!

IAmLouisWalsh Fri 15-Feb-13 07:57:42

My grandfather's cock was too long for his pants
So he dragged it around on the floor...

I live very near a hotel where THE clock is, btw.

Gunznroses Fri 15-Feb-13 07:55:50

Red and yellow and pink and green
Orange and yellow and bluuuuuuu!
I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow tooooooooooooo!

Miss Jenkins will be proud grin
And also..........
Lou lou skip to my lou
Lou lou, skip to my lou
Lou lou, skip to my Lou
Skip to my Lou my darling

Bonny shafto gone to seeeeeeea, silver buckles on his kneeee
He'll come back and marry meeeee
Pretty bobby shafto hmm

And the boys had to sing this daft song as well confused

TheOneWithTheHair Fri 15-Feb-13 07:38:01

Great thread. I will go back and read it all but has anyone mentioned the mouse in a windmill one?

I saw a mouse
There on the stair...,

Chigley1 Fri 15-Feb-13 07:30:34

I haven't read every page of this yet, but will later. I remember nearly song school were big on singing! Katz I remember Apuskiduski as well! The tune but not many of the words.

Colours of Day was my fave, my son sang it at school recently and I got a bit misty eyed. I LOVED primary school :-)

Wereonourway Fri 15-Feb-13 07:21:30

There was a song in that book about an astronaut. Going to the moon I think.
Can anyone remember it?!

Lostonthemoors Fri 15-Feb-13 07:19:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WynkenBlynkenandNod Fri 15-Feb-13 07:13:46

Land of the silver birch
Home of the beaver
Where still the mighty moose
Wonders at will

Blue lake and rocky shore
I will return once more
Hiya ya hiya hiya ya hiya
Hiya ya hiya hi

Another who did Sweeny Todd, bizarre choice for primary school. We also did Noah

For the floodgates of heaven were opened
And the springs of the deep broke through
And the waters kept on rising
Cos the good lord commanded them toooo

It looks like rain
Now won't that just be jolly
It looks like rain I must go and get my brolly
A short sharp shower will do the flowers good.

Loved When a Knight got his spurs and am another who struggles with the Grandfather Clock song.

ODearMe Fri 15-Feb-13 06:31:47

How did the bubbles get into the soap, can anyone tell me thaT...

A new commandment, I give unto you, that you should love one another as I have loved you.....

Well I've never been to heaven but I've been told! Hand me down your silver trumpet-Gabriel...

I danced in the morning when the world was begun....

I also remember our headteacher reading Pilgrim's Progress; we had a book of excellence too.

gwenniebee Thu 14-Feb-13 22:07:46

Haven't read all 25 pages of this thread as I really need to go to bed... but this is such a great thread smile

I remember so many of these. When a knight won his spurs was my favourite; we were allowed to choose the song on our birthdays and I always had that one.

We sang the Neighbours theme tune once too when we were doing an assembly on the good samaritan. I was embarrassed because I needed the words as I wasn't allowed to watch Neighbours blush

I don't know what book we had, though - we just sang them! Only the teachers were allowed books.

When I went to "big" school aged 8 we used the New English Hymnal so sang "proper" hymns - many of which I still know by heart. A great inheritance, I think.

whatyoulookinat Thu 14-Feb-13 21:45:24

Loving this thread & remember alot of the assembly songs mentioned.
I used to love singing lily the pink, she'll be coming round the mountain & my old mans a dustman in music lessons.

Xroads Thu 14-Feb-13 21:40:16

I was the first girl in our school to change the sheets on the over head projector and I was so proud grin

I remember the one about the ink is black the page is white and morning had broken, sing hosannah, the one about "where have all the young men gone, gone to fight everyone, when will it ever end.............." depressing song.......

plum100 Thu 14-Feb-13 21:29:15

Follow me follow me leave ur homes and family - leave ur fishing nets and boats ipon the shore - loved that one too c

plum100 Thu 14-Feb-13 21:27:51

katz - wasnt it - in middle ocean, sardines are swimming , apuskiduski , apuskidoooo

SmilingMakesMyFaceAche Thu 14-Feb-13 21:18:25

Sometimes when I want to sing to DS, my mind goes blank and all I can remember are these hymns. Loving this thread. Reminds me of home knitted jumpers, nylon skirts and mrs dallimore thumping away at the keys in garish jewellery. Marvellous.

CPtart Thu 14-Feb-13 20:59:22

Colours of day dawn into the mind,
The sun has come up, the night is behind.
Go down in the city into the street..
..and let's give the message to the people we meet.

So light up the fire, let the flame burn,
Open the door let Jesus return........etc etc

drjohnsonscat Thu 14-Feb-13 20:54:44

Campanalita Ping Ping (anyone remember that one?)

When I needed a neighbour were you there?

Something about being nearer the sky? Glad that I live am I?

Also lots of Cat Stevens - Morning Has Broken. Still love that one.

cooliojessica Thu 14-Feb-13 20:50:12

Frillymilly we did too he was called mr quinnquinn

cooliojessica Thu 14-Feb-13 20:41:01

We had a weirdy beardy old man too!! He was called mr quinn he used to do magic tricks aswell

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