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For those of you who were at Primary School in the 80's

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Tequilamockinbird Wed 28-Sep-11 21:31:12

Would you like to reminisce with me about school assemblies?

DH and I were talking about the 'Come and Praise' book, and singing remembering the songs.

Does anyone else remember songs such as Autumn Days and Cross over the road my friend? Which others were there?

StairsInTheNight Fri 15-Feb-13 16:19:46

liked Jesus' ladder, and the autumn one. And cucumber my lord. And the holly and the ivy at Christmas time and we three kings. One in taxi one in a car.

Funkyfeather Sun 21-May-17 23:46:53

Omg! Autumn days... where the grass is greener and the chestnut something. ... I'm so looking that up right now haha thankyou smile

dairymilkmonster Tue 23-May-17 10:41:29

Yes to
the ink is black
autumn days (fav)
cum-bye-a (?sp)
sing hosanna
give me oil in my lamp
that one about the cows from jesus christ superstar
....basically these from yr1-yr6 at all 3 schools i attended!
We also had the giant pull down board thing for the words!
DS1 sings a much wider range of stuff at school now.

AmandaRif Wed 24-May-17 11:43:46

I remember, "miss I've really hurt my ankle". "Just get a wet paper towel on it"

PNUTS Fri 04-Aug-17 13:20:57

My brother and are pretty nostalgic, and have competitions all the time on what we can remember from our school days. We were born in 69 and 70. We did school hymns and I thought it would be good to add our list here. You should remember some of these.....

Joshua fit the battle of Jericho
Jesus Good Above All Other
A little Child may know
Praise him Praise him ( all the little children)
The Ink is black the page is white
The family of man (keeps sowing the seed of a new life everyday)
Lord of the Dance said he
Baby Jesus sweetly sleep (do not stir I will give you a coat of fur…)
Lullaby Jesus my darling I love you ( your mother will sleep and so gently will rock you)
Jesus shall reign where ever the sun
Who built the ark? Noah Noah
Noel Noel
Hark the herald angels sing
Amazing Grace
He who would valiant be
Morning has broken
Oh little town of Bethlehem
Thank you (for every fresh new morning. Thankyou….)
Over the earth is a matt of dew
The Golden Cockrel Crows In The Morning
Baby Jesus Sweetly Sleep
Oh Jesus I Have Promised.
We Plough The Fields And Scatter.
God Is Love His The Care
When Lamps Are Lighted In The Town.
Crown Him Crown Him
When A Knight Won His Spurs
Mary Had A Baby
Silent Night
Shalom Shavarim
All Things Bright And Beautiful
Glad That I Live Am I
Lord Jesus Christ (You Have Come To Us)
Heavenly Father May Thy Blessing
Children All The Wide World Over (Think of you on Christmas Day)
Little Donkey
Away In A Manger
Once In Royal David City
Lord Of All Hopefulness
All Creatures of Our God and King.
Father Hear The Prayer Offer.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 04-Aug-17 13:23:31

I can still remember all the words to Cross over the Road thanks to this thread! 35 years at least that's laid dormant in my brain just waiting to pop out!!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 04-Aug-17 13:25:14

My favourite was Sing Hosanna, I LOVED that especially when we were taught how to sing it in a round. #happy days

TribalArts Fri 04-Aug-17 13:33:15

Love Sing Hossana smile, because if you didn't know the words to start off, you could always join in and shout, 'SING HOSSANA!', SING HOSSANA'!, when it got to the chorus grin.

chantilly70 Fri 04-Aug-17 13:39:20

I still have "Come and Praise". I liked the hymns so much in the 70s that my mother bought the book! I used to try and play them on the piano and sing along grin

My favourite primary school hymn was "One more step along the world I go"

We also sang some more old fashioned hymns such as :
"Lord behold us with thy blessing" - beginning of term
"Lord dismiss us with thy blessing" - end of term
Still love the tune which was the same for both.

SerfTerf Fri 04-Aug-17 13:49:34

There are hundreds of sparrows, thousands, millions, they're 2 a penny far too many there must be

Wow, I still know all the words.

I loved, loved, the "Autumn days" one too. I still him that when the leaves turn <happy sigh>

SerfTerf Fri 04-Aug-17 13:52:07

Omg! Autumn days... where the grass is greener and the chestnut something. ... I'm so looking that up right now haha thankyou smile

Did you find it?

I've got;

Autumn days when the grass is jewelled
And the silk inside a chestnut shell
Jet planes meeting in the air to be refuelled
All these things I (love?) so well.

But then I go blank.
No idea about the words to the chorus.

SerfTerf Fri 04-Aug-17 13:57:01

Found it!

That's made me stupidly happy grin

missyB1 Fri 04-Aug-17 13:58:17

Lord of the dance (went on for far too many verses)
My God Loves me (my favourite)
Make me a Channel of your peace (another favourite)
Go tell it on the mountains
How great thou art (my Mum's favourite)

Chocolou Fri 04-Aug-17 14:03:08

Omg I love this thread. Sing hosanna was my favourite hymn as was Michael tow the boat ashore. Hallelujah!!

TribalArts Fri 04-Aug-17 14:25:54

I hated Red and Yellow and Pink and Green...Orange and Yellow and bluuuuee! I can sing a rainbow!
Mrs Jenkins used to make us sing it every single morning. I can still feel the cold hard wooden floor as we all sat crossed legged singing it whilst she played the piano.

Also loved:
Bobby Shafto's gone to sea
Lil Liza Jane

TribalArts Fri 04-Aug-17 14:27:34

oooh! just remembered, 'Wind a bobbin up', Wind a bobbin up, pull pull clap clap clap clap!

What on earth was that all about? loved all the actions though grin

Shemozzle Fri 04-Aug-17 14:32:07

funkyfeather what made you bump this 7 year old thread?

PersephoneInTheGarden Fri 04-Aug-17 14:33:00

This thread has made my day :-) I loved the Come and Praise songs and found it really sad when I went to high school and we sang proper hymns!
Someone mentioned Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo - I loved singing that, and have just found it on YouTube...
We also did Creation Jazz, anyone remember that? And there's a daft song about an alien creature from outer space with an alien nose and an alien face which I sing to DS which I learned at school in the early eighties.

Waterlemon Fri 04-Aug-17 14:39:31


Wind the bobbin up originates from the time of the cotton mills. The lyrics were once "pull pull, clack clack clack" to replicate the sound of the machinery. (Rather than the clap, clap, clap that is sung nowadays)

Iwantedtrianglesnotsquares Fri 04-Aug-17 14:46:06

I have the sheet music for those! I used to play the recorder in assemblies so had the music for them. And the fight to be the one that operated the projector. To have 1 of the 2 projector chairs what's even more impressive than the benches at the back. grin

SleightOfMind Fri 04-Aug-17 15:18:09

This thread is like a mad acid flashback!
Used to dread the ink is black though.
As the only brown face in a very white school, you can imagine.

SerfTerf Fri 04-Aug-17 15:28:07

I've just bought "Come and Praise" on Amazon. The DC are going to laugh at me grin

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 04-Aug-17 15:30:15

Now I'm singing "One more step along the world I go.." hmm

Ineverpromisedyouarosegarden Fri 04-Aug-17 15:34:40

Anybody remember this

*Have you seen the old man in the closed down market
Picking up the papers with his worn out shoes
In his eyes you see no pride and hanging loosely at his side
Yesterdays paper, telling yesterdays news
So how can you tell me you're lonely
And say for you that the sun don't shine*

Read more: Ralph McTell - Streets Of London Lyrics | MetroLyrics

not from assembly though. Must have been a play or concert.

Cinnamoncookie Fri 04-Aug-17 15:40:12

I've just remembered singing 'Give me oil in my lamp' and we used to add an extra 'Hallalujah at the end of the second line , but sotto voce because it was naughty.

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