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Bassett House School - North Kensington - Experiences?

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CPL216 Tue 27-Sep-11 17:59:03

Can people please share their experiences about this school? Good things, bad things? Results? How is it academically?

Thanks in advance.

pinkypig Wed 28-Sep-11 15:03:07

Our boy goes there, is in his 2nd year (year 1). From what I can gather it's a smallish school that nurtures its pupils well.

In terms of results, what are you looking for? It is rather self-fulfilling in that parents who send their children there are less bothered about getting into Colet Court/Westminster than some of the other preps in the area (ie Norland Place/Pembridge Hall/Wetherby). It does not attract mega-pushy parents.

Have you taken a tour? Been offered a place?

CPL216 Wed 28-Sep-11 21:14:52

Thanks for replying. Yes, we have been offered and accepted a place. We are looking for a school that will make my son happy but, at the same time, if need be, will open doors for him to get into the right school afterwards. Without being extremely pushy, getting good academic results (if the child responds). I had the feeling that this was the type of school, but I may be wrong. I do not want my son to be an "exam-machine" but, if possible, I want him to be able to get to Colet.

pinkypig Thu 29-Sep-11 11:30:43

Hi again,

It's tricky isn't it? A lot depends on what your child is like; some boys would not be right for CC. I gather it's a very 'unique' school with a fierce academic pace.

Have you looked at the Leaver's List for a couple of years from Bassett House to guage where the boys and girls are going afterwards?

CPL216 Thu 29-Sep-11 13:29:07

Yes, it is extremely tricky. Yes, the leaver's list is reassuring, I think. There is a good mix but all go to great schools. Obviously, the tendency is now for boys to stay until they are 11 so it will not be so clear until a couple of years pass by. Girls do great, as you know. So I would expect the same for boys. The Independent School report is quite reassuring as well. And, in my experience, those are generally right. Outstanding in everything and shows that the school goes a step further to teach children to be confident and independent, which are great assets nowadays.

Are you happy with your choice? Anything you would like to change?

pinkypig Thu 29-Sep-11 13:49:38

My only concern/niggle is how well prepped the boys who want to leave at 7+8+ will be now that the school is offering/trying to keep them till 11. As you say, only time will tell.
I noticed that lots of the boys who left in Year 3 went to Wetherby.
My son is extremely happy there so that says a lot.

CPL216 Thu 29-Sep-11 15:14:44

Wetherby is a great school! So that would not be bad either. Being extremely happy is great.

Bear in mind that, in Colet Court, I believe, there are only 36 places for 7+8+. I wonder where all of those schools that claim they put children there fit... My feeling is that only 1 or 2 boys (if at all) out of the "known" schools go to Colet Court. That is a great success, considering the numbers! Every school I visited claimed they put boys in Colet Court. If I counted all of them, they clearly exceeded the 36 number! We have to be realistic. Wetherby, Westminster, Colet, Sussex, Latymer etc. they are all great. And the important thing is to find a school that is right for the child.

I did not like many of the schools I visited simply because they were "exam preparation machines". Children were not happy in the classes and there was a great lack of attention to other subjects that are not tested in an exam. I would rather have a little "Renaissance" genius than a "Maths" machine. All aspects of education are important, including knowing how to behave in public and sell an idea. This brings success at the end of the day, not answering what is Q in QxQxQ=1881.

(And I may not be right but I was admitted in Harvard Law myself!)

So I think Bassett is a great choice. Fingers crossed and take care! Thanks for the advice.

grovel Thu 29-Sep-11 15:25:15

Good food at Bassett, I'm told.

CPL216 Thu 29-Sep-11 16:16:24

Yes, that seemed to be the case to me as well. Very professional Portuguese chef (Joao) with two assistants. Children eat with the teachers (same food). All good things, I think.

pinkypig Thu 29-Sep-11 20:47:16

CPL216 is your son starting in 2012? We have a second son going into Lower 1 next year.
Yes the food is excellent!
Good Luck - I thought your post was excellent.

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