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Anyone know anything about Forest School Pre-Prep, Snaresbrook?

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prairiegirl81 Sun 25-Sep-11 01:40:05

As above, just looking for any opinions of the school, I know it recently expanded, would love to hear from people with kids there. Thanks x

Malpy Thu 13-Oct-11 21:56:41

I have not heard many positive views on the pre-prep although I do know they extended the numbers of pupils this year, I think a lot of people enter at this age so the children automatically go into the prep school. In our experience this is not a great school, badly managed by bossy uninterested staff. Teaching standards are hit and miss. If your child is bright my advice would be to look at other schools. A good test is to drive or walk by and see the behaviour of both parents and pupils at the end of school hours - not exemplary! Parents views and concerns are brushed aside and the pastoral care is nonexistent. In short, this is a school with notions of grandeur but no results to back them up. Keep looking as there are some really nice smaller schools in the area. I hope this is helpful

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