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Which London school for SEN child from abroad?

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horsemadmom Thu 22-Sep-11 12:06:02

Cross posted from Special Ed topic
Friends recently arrived in London from the states are at desperation point as they have no school for their 14 year old son. He has never had formal assessment but seems very Asbergers/ADHD. Very behind academically and socially. Had been doing some special ed in the states and was in the year below as the school intakes there are by calendar year and not September to August. He's Summer born.
They applied to their favoured school late and without a statement so have probably exhausted all appeals. The LEA offered a totally inappropriate school- far away (not a child you can trust crossing a street let alone using public transport), 90% non-native English speakers, very deprived, bottom of the league tables, hot bed for Somali v. Bangladeshi gang violence.
The parents have now figured out why such a high proportion of the area is privately educated angry.
With great reluctance, they are looking at indies.
So, which would you choose/do you have DC's at North London International school or Portland Place?
Boarding would be a last resort. Any recommendations?
All advice received with thanks

soonbesailing Thu 22-Sep-11 15:15:02

Can't be that much help I'm afraid, but I do know that north London international has a dyslexic school (either attached or a unit) not sure about provision for aspergers. I haven't been to the school but it's close to where I live.
I did look at Portland place a few years ago, I did like it, but building very cramped, no outside space, very boy heavy. The head was amazing and very good pastoral care, I think it has become harder to get in,( the fees are reasonable and it's one of the few London day school that isn't really academic) you do have to pass an exam. My dc was at a dyslexic school and only 2 managed to get into Portland place in his year, my dc didn't sit the exam in the end.
I would also say it depends where they live, quite a big distance between those 2 schools.
Are they thinking of trying for a statement? Or have they given up on state school.

nancy5 Thu 22-Sep-11 23:42:29

sounds like they need some advice on how to navigate the SEN system effectively. Friends of mine had v bad experience with ASD boy at Portland Place.

They need to apply for statutory assessment asap. If they need advice can highly recommend Imelda Brennan at Langley Wellington solicitors who specialise in this sort of thing.

sugarfoot Fri 23-Sep-11 09:41:35

DLD College does a two year GCSE course for students with SEN. Not cheap but may be worth investigating.

sugarfoot Fri 23-Sep-11 09:50:22

Also Westminster Tutors (also not cheap) do mostly one-to-one teaching which can suit children with Aspergers in particular.

mummytime Fri 23-Sep-11 10:43:34

They should contact [[ SENSOS!]] asap for legal and other advice. They may also find the national autism society maybe able to give them help. Also they can contact their local parent partnership.
Was their move to the UK made for a specific employer? Because they maybe able to get them to help with relocation difficulties.

petaluma Fri 23-Sep-11 10:44:52

Not much help now but when he's 16, you should look into William Morris Sixth Form in Hammersmith

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