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Help relocating for primary school

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Smiles2011 Wed 21-Sep-11 09:26:19

Dear Fellow-mums,
Hoping for some advice and reassurance from this forum.

Onto the question then-

DD is not 2.5 yo, DH to travel to (near)London, me to Southampton for work so we are now deciding where to move (from Southampton)
We are hopefully looking to move somewhere close to the M3 (thats right, DH drives) but not too far for me to commute+good school catchment...

1. South Wonston/Kings Worthy or Twyford better suited for DD's (now 2 and a half yo) primary school catchment?
(looking at state schools, having heard and read great things about them...)
2. What are the chances of getting in even though you pick from the best 3 schools?
3. What are the chances of non-christians getting into C of E schools? - state school in Twyford is CofE??

Any help would be mosst appreciated.
Thank you smile

mummytime Wed 21-Sep-11 09:52:05

Look at the specific schools and their entry criteria. There are huge differences between C of E schools (some don't even have religion on the criteria).

CustardCake Thu 22-Sep-11 09:42:48

Also look at the local authority website. It should have a school admissions section and this will tell you the furthest distance that a school admitted a pupil from last year.
For example if you like a school and find out that last year, the last child who got a place lived 400m from the school you know you need to move very very close to get a place. Also look at the criteria they use. Some schools give siblings priority which can eat up half the available spaces. Some church schools are majorly strict about church attendance, others don't require it at all.

Unfortunately there is no universal rules with these things, every school differs depending on how popular it is, how many apply there, how many spaces it has in Reception and what priority it gives to siblings and church members.

CustardCake Thu 22-Sep-11 09:46:50

In answer to number 2 for example the answer could be zero chance if you pick the 3 best schools but don't live quite close enough to them. If you live 700m from the school that only goes out to 400m for example you won't get in.
You need to make sure you list at least one school that you have a realistic chance of getting a place at even if you put it as your last choice. The local authority will allocate you a random place if none of your preferences can be met and that random place might be a long journey or a less than ideal school or both. Putting unrealistic schools on your form does not help your chances of getting a place at any of them. Meeting the admission criteria is the only thing that will get you a place.

Smiles2011 Thu 22-Sep-11 13:18:08

Thank you both for your response.
Where would you say we would be best placed then with a view to primary schools - South Wonston, Twyford or Compton, Winchester?

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