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Rowans in Wimbledon - anyone had problems?

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KelsN Tue 20-Sep-11 15:20:16

Hi Has anyone else had a problem with Rowans not getting in touch re places? I paid to have both my children on the list and my daughter within days of her being born. I haven't had a single letter or even an invitation to an open day, my son is 3, he will be school age in September 12 and given they start at 3 at Rowans he could have been there this September, my daughter would start there next september if she started at 3 - yet I've heard nothing. I even made calls to say I was still interested. Seems like an utter joke and waste of money - what did I pay for exactly? I haven't even been told they haven't got in. I can't be the only one? Is there a body I can report them to?

MertonParker Tue 20-Sep-11 22:42:43

Call them & keep calling, to ask where you are on their waiting list -there are some very pushy parents round here! I think they assume you dont want a place unless you keep phoning! Rubbish I know ...

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