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Primary year 1

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Stacey321 Sun 11-Sep-11 15:48:42

Hello, my Daughter (Isobella) has just started year 1 and I'm concerned that she's going over stuff that she's more than capable of doing . She's being given homework on things that she's been able to do for a number of months. I might be being a little hasty and need to wait a little longer. Does anyone else have the same/similar concerns?

distractedhousewife Sun 11-Sep-11 15:52:55

I had the same concern when my eldest went into year 1 last year, but it evened out quite quickly. I think it's very soon to be worried that she won't be challenged; I assume your dd has a new teacher this year and so the teacher will have to get to grips with who is who and who is at which level with what. If you still feel the same in a week or two, though, I would mention it then... x

Jesusgirl Mon 12-Sep-11 11:29:58

It's a bit early on in the year. I think they ease them into it bit by bit which I think is a good idea. My ds is in year 3 now and came home last week saying year 3 work is easy! But I think they just need to get comfortable with the new class 1st and fill in any gaps they acquired over the 6 week holiday.

I'm sure in a few weeks, they'll start giving work more appropriate to her ability.

AMumInScotland Mon 12-Sep-11 11:42:38

Just give it a few weeks - the new teacher will be working out what level everyone is at and trying them out on things to get a feel for them. If it doesn't start to change in a couple of weeks, pop in for a chat to see what the plan is.

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