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Tormead School Guildford, recent changes

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londoner01 Sat 10-Sep-11 01:06:37

My DD has just started at one of the local states, with plans to move her to GHS, Tormead or one of the other locals girls private schools.

I have heard rumours Tormead is likely to have changed a lot since we looked round, when the old head was in charge- can anyone give more info about what the new head is like, how has the school changed? Is it likely to drastically change our view if we liked the school previously, but prefered GHS overall (although recognise DD may not get a place at GHS/either as so competitive).

alice15 Sat 10-Sep-11 18:00:06

I do know of some people who have been uneasy about the new head, but I don't know if that's just usual new shoes griping or has foundation. What sort of girl is your daughter? Tormead does seem to suit some girls better than others, from what I've seen (I know lots of people there but haven't had a DD there myself). What year would she be going in to?

FemaleEuknickers Sat 10-Sep-11 18:09:17

Why are they uneasy about the head? What are the changes amongst the rest of the staff?

londoner01 Mon 12-Sep-11 12:01:29

I have a friend who worked at the school the head came from who said she can see the head will bring changes, but knew her as an outstanding teacher. From others though I've heard there are huge changes leading to those wanting a more releaxed school leaving. Is this true?

My daughter is in reception, quite gentle, calm but seems fairly bright - she got a place for GHS reception but we decided to save the money for now.

Too early to tell imo what will suit her for seniors. Eldest at GHS, just started in year 7 and loving it, she is similar to her sister in that she has quite low on self-esteem but seems to be very happy so far and easily made friends..
I thought youngest may suit Tormead more as thought it was very nurturing but was waiting until the end of infants to move her either to (hopefully) GHS or tormead when we know more about what kind of school would suit her.

alice15 Mon 12-Sep-11 16:32:30

It has always had the reputation of being very nurturing, and that's been the general impression I've had from girls who've gone there - less competitive, edgy and maverick than GHS can be, generally, which IME does not bring out the best in wallflowers but is otherwise generally a great school. I only have a few anecdotal whinges and feelings of unease from current parents, but one always gets that with any change of head, so I don't know how much foundation there is for them.

ssaintlaurent Tue 13-Sep-11 02:30:38

hi my daughter has just started st catherines and i can honestly say it is worth every penny. my daughter was very shy and has delayed speech but even after three days i can not get a minutes peace! 2 adults for every 16 children, how can state compete with that

londoner01 Wed 14-Sep-11 00:16:44

alice15, can I ask are you a tormead parent or teacher? Just wondering what perspective you take. Thanks so much for your replies-they've been very useful.
Can I ask with your comment about wallflowers- are you saying you think the Tormead approach or GHS approach does not bring out their best? Hoping my DDs will not be such characters as they are picking up confidence wise- but on the scale they are on the quieter type side.
We looked at St Cats and the prep looked fab but unsure about seniors being right for DD.

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