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Final statement not issued at start of school year

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insanityscatching Mon 05-Sep-11 15:11:35

which means the one in use names a specialist provision that cannot keep him as he is now outside of their statutory notice (11 to 16 and ds is post 16)
LEA won't finalise the proposed amended because they state I can appeal the proposed amended.
The school named on the proposed amended haven't been given it by the LEA (I sent them a copy) and so subsequently haven't recruited TA support to cover the 30 hours on his statement and won't recruit until they have seen a final statement.
LGO won't investigate until after it goes to Tribunal and don't seem to grasp that if I don't get a final statement I can't go to appeal.
Ds isn't in school because the school can't take him without support, he can't go to the specialist provision because they wouldn't have insurance and don't have the space or support in any case.
The solicitor is getting no sense from the LEA in so far as they state they have now fulfilled their duty with the proposed amended statement and they deny receiving correspondence from the school stating they can't meet his needs even though school have sent it twice now and solicitor sent copies twice and they state school have the support in place and a transition plan ready when they clearly have not.
Ds is at home without a plan in place for his future and I am housebound unless my husband or one of my adult children is off work to take over ds's care.
Any advice please?

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