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Primary school choice near Cambridge

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Rickster Mon 29-Aug-11 00:08:51

hi. Wonder if anyone can help. I am after a good primary school, creative and relaxed. I prefer it not to be a church school as the one we have had here in Dorset has forgotten about diversity! Ideally it should also have really good after school facilities. I am not too fussed about Ofsted results, a caring and fun atmosphere is what matters. I have 7 year old twin girls. Any advice, hints would be really a needle in a haystack, not sure where to start. we are moving for there in December.
Oh, I'll be working in north Cambridge, so also considering bordering countys as may be cheaper living expense wise.

An0therName Mon 29-Aug-11 15:43:57

Hi - moved to Cambridge in June - primary schools in Cambridge mainly pretty full - so your choice will be restricted to a combination where has places and where you are living. You can't apply until you have proof of address. Have a look at the local authority website - you can also ring them to find out where has places at the moment but it can change
My experience is most schools are pretty good - and in north cambridge/north villages good range of people from different countries at the schools -parents working at the university/science park which helps a lot with diversity. My DS started at Milton primary (not milton rd although I think this is an ok school too) its lovely - its is C of E but diversity not an issue
most schools seem to have an after school club associated with them as well
oh and traffic into cambridge can be a bit hard going to so factor that in when you do decide where to live. we decided to live nearer and my DH cycles which is quite a saving. there are a few threads on here and primary education board - and also on the cambridge mumsnet section which might give you a few more ideas

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