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CabbitMel Wed 24-Aug-11 10:19:29

Hi, My 13 year old daughter has been studying Latin privately for 3 years (2 lessons of 1 hour duration per week). She will be ready to take a GCSE in a year apparently (her tutor has informed me). Problem is that she wants to stop with the Latin now as she is about to embark on her GCSEs in September, this year (her school are starting all the children on their GCSEs a year early). Can anyone please advise of a qualification that she could take to demonstrate her 3 years knowledge of the subject? Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks

notnowImreading Wed 24-Aug-11 10:30:25

Yes, she should be able to take either the Latin GCSE short course run by OCR, which is based on two papers instead of four and can include one paper in Latin and one paper focusing on the history/use of sources in studying Roman history - this paper is in English and needs a bit of prep but is not too difficult. This is worth half a GCSE. The alternative, which sounds as if it would be more appropriate, especially if she has used the Cambridge Latin text books (Caecilius et al), is the WJEC level one certificate that is sponsored by Cambridge. Find details by going to the Cambridge Schools Classics Project website, which is outstanding in itself as support for language learning, and following the links through their Public Examinations page. If you use the Contact Us details to get in touch, you may well find that Will Griffiths, who is head of the project, will get back to you himself. I've always found him and his colleagues incredibly helpful.

Good luck

CabbitMel Wed 24-Aug-11 10:35:24

I am sincerely grateful for your advice. Thank you very much. Kind regards.

Silverstreet Wed 24-Aug-11 20:50:08

Not sure if she would consider this but you could also try discussing this with the languages teachers at your school. Many of them do Latin as a optional extra for those good at languages. Our school introduces it in year 9, then runs it as a lunch time activity in years 10 & 11 ending with the GCSE. She could then join the most appropriate abilty group rather than year group - which happens more often than you would think as a result of children moving from different schools. This equates to 1 hour a week (2 half hour slots at lunch) plus not much homework, and they get good grades. More fun doing in a group too so she might consider it. DD does this and she is also doing GCSE subjects now and is not stressy (yet).

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