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"almost all level 7s" in year 8 - is that normal? worrying me about my own child

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schoolquestion Sun 21-Aug-11 07:37:42

Friend's DS and my DS were both borderline when it came to the 11+. Friend's DS passed (just) and is at grammar, my DS failed (just) and is at local high school. We have been very happy with the high school and, I thought, with DS's progress. However, friend told me last week that her DS had achieved level 7s in almost all his subjects. My DS got 6c for English and Maths, then 5s for everything else (mix of5as, bs, & cs). As children that performed similarly at primary, I am worried that DS is slipping behind - how normal is it for children to get all level 7s in year 8? Friend's DS is not in top set for anything, so presumably the brighter grammar kids are getting even higher grades? It's not so much that I'm competitive with the other child (re-reading my post it sounds like it) but it's more that I'm worried that DS isn't making as good progress as we thought. He is at the top of top set for most of his subjects, and yet there is a huge gap between his levels and those of a child in bottom sets at grammar.

3b1g Sun 02-Dec-12 15:34:59

DS1 is in the top sets (second set for Maths) at a partially selective comprehensive which is comparable to a grammar school in most respects. He is working at similar levels to your son. I don' think you have anything to worry about.

Theas18 Mon 03-Dec-12 08:13:41

Not read all the thread, but all 7s in year 8 (barring MFL which is always lower as they have only a year of that ) is not unusual for grammar kids I think. IIRC excluding PE (where is very average LOL) DD2 got pretty much all 7s of various sorts at the end of yr 8 with a teacher assessed level 8 in music. This isn't unusual and she doesn't feel its any great deal. They all hope for level 8's in maths/english at the end of KS3 and lots get them.

HOWEVER do ask if they are being assessed at the higher level at your DS school if they have the potential. It should not be, but could be, that they don't expect 7s/8s and so aren't being offered the paper that go so high in exams.

Got to wonder though if grammars are extending long term progress or just achieving full potential earlier. THat is a phillosophical thought for 8.12 on Monday!

Startail Mon 03-Dec-12 08:55:47

I DD endeared Y9 with L7 for maths and 6s for everything else that matters (she's no linguist and has given up MFL).

She's easily a L7 scientist, but dyslexic and didn't finish the very writing heavy exam.

I suspect she'll do OK at GCSE, but not amazingly.

I'm not terribly worried as I suspect she will do at least as well if not better at A level.

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