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School governors / PTA etc - how do you join?

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LaCiccolina Fri 22-Jul-11 20:21:37

Hey, Im interested in joining one of these. Frankly Ive not been in a school since I went to one. My dd is a few months but Im trying to build up my local links again because I work in a different town and this seems a good way to do it....? Whats the difference? Is there any?

I have several schools at primary and senior on my radar, ones I know from my own days (I still live local to that area). Can you volunteer for a school when yours isn't attending? (Be a while til she does!) How do you do it? Just phone up?

Sorry if silly question. Don't know where to start. If other ideas around groups like this I'd be interested too. Seeing as Im building friends while on mat leave, Id like to continue and not lose everything Im building up once I return back to work....

MovingAndScared Fri 22-Jul-11 20:34:08

when my DCs were babies I voluntered at for the local NCT - helped out at nearly new sales etc - nice way to meet other parents with young babies
if you had child care I would imagine a school would be happy to have you volunter eg reading but of course most are on holiday
school goveners - you are either nominated by funders mainly or you have to be a parent

Hassled Fri 22-Jul-11 20:41:09

School Governor One Stop Shop. There's a form to complete and they will match you with a school that has vacancies - Community Governors are appointed by the Governing Body itself (so someone - usually the Chair - will propose you once they've met you/decided you'd be a good fit etc) and LA Governors are appointed by the LA - usually on the recommendation of the Chair. So research the school, think long and hard about why you want to do it and what you can offer. NGA website might be helpful. It's a commitment - fun, and challenging, but not necessarily the place to make new friends.

Re PTA - wait until your DD is in school.

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