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Moving thoughts

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elmerthe1st Sun 17-Jul-11 21:11:22

Hello . . . having a moving out of London dilemma and wondered whether anyone you could provide any advice for me to come to a conclusion? Would appreciate absolutely anything at all! We have recently sold our house with the intention of moving out of London. Our little ones are 8 months, 2 and 4 with the eldest about to start reception in September. We are moving for the usual reasons - schools/ a safer environment for them to grow in and we'd really love a large garden. We ideally want a period property and my husband works in London Bridge so needs a short-ish commute to here. We are currently looking at Wadhurst in East Sussex which is lovely ut I've just started to get a few wobbles about whether it's a bit too quiet (for me not the kids!) and whether we should consider the Esher/ Thames Ditton side of London. The commute's not quite as good and it's certainly not as pretty but I'm just slightly worried about whether there'll be enough going on in Wadhurst. I'm a SAHM so a bit scared about being lonely during the week. Can anyone tell me anything that will help make my decision?! Thanks

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