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Loughborough uni.... quick question about Pass Out Day

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Wolfgirl Sat 16-Jul-11 19:05:38

Hello, just wondered if anyone's child, or anyone knows of someone at Loughborough uni, and what the situation is concerning tickets for attending Pass out parade. Think it is called Pass Out... anyway.

Are students only allocated so many tickets, or can they pre-book and request any number for family and friends.

We have a family issue going on at the moments, that's all. Not sure I want to know the answer, as I will get hurt no doubt.

Anyway... here we go, bracing myself!

many thanks in advance confused

noir Sat 16-Jul-11 19:10:52

I think you mean graduation, and yes as a rule of thumb universities can only issue a certain amount. On my undergrad we were allowed two, on my masters i was very, very lucky to nab 4.

Wolfgirl Sat 16-Jul-11 19:15:45

thank you sooooooo much Noir! I'm not desperately bothered about attending myself, as I am step mum, but my husband has not been invited. I guess then if there really are only a limited number of seats then I can accept that. But I feel bad for dh; he get's left out big time, all the time. Won't bore you with family politics\emotions etc, but thanks for letting me know.

sad for dh

gingeroots Sat 16-Jul-11 19:42:29

Wolfgirl - have a look here

seems like you can ask for more ,but no idea of likelihood of success ,or timescale needed .
There's also mention ,on the booking form ,of adding yourself to a waiting list for extra tickets .
Why not ring and ask ?
Nothing to loose ....

noir Sat 16-Jul-11 19:48:56

Maybe DH could arrange a separate celebration, like going out for a nice meal or whatever? Its a shame he isn't attending the graduation but don't let it overshadow step son's achievements smile

Wolfgirl Sat 16-Jul-11 20:34:13

thanks ladies.

gingeroots, I'll take a look, thanks. I suspect that ex-wife and family do not want us to attend. We were not able to financially support either of the dh's first children (at all, nada... we have massive debts from dh contributing to CSA, plus we started a family and nursery fees massive, plus both dh and I are not big earners... yawn, but there we have it), they do however have rather wealthy grandparents, like very rather! Neither of my step kids have ever taken a saturday job, and none have taken summer jobs through out their time at uni. Happy - VERY happy to say that step son got beyond exceptional results, so it all pays off in the end. But the finance thing has been a big issue for us. I feel in my being that the kids hold me responsible...

ahh, look at me pouring myself out.

stopped now. sorry.

Noir... yes, dh will take his son out, if....... he will allow any time for him to do that. Heck, I feel for dh, really really feel for him.

bye and night night ladies. take care, and thanks once again smile

Wolfgirl Sat 16-Jul-11 20:36:54

just looked at the ticket site, and I understand that tickets are limited. Seeings that he has closer family than us that he would want to attend is also understandable.

a meal out it is then. xx

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