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Recommend Piano Teacher Bexley/Eltham

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Xmania Wed 13-Jul-11 21:40:51

I found a few websites and visited my local music shop in search of piano teacher for my 4.5 yr old son.

But I will rather go for a teacher who is recommended by word of mouth. Does anyone have any recommendation?

At this age, I will prefer for him to be in group of 2-3 but I am alright with individual lessons if that is to be.

Any recommendation will be great.


catwalker Thu 14-Jul-11 04:53:41

My daughter's piano teacher won't take pupils under the age of 7 as she thinks any earlier is too young.

Xmania Thu 14-Jul-11 10:52:08

Catwalker, thanks for your reply.

I've got that problem cos most say they can't read and write then.

My son knows his A-Z, can write all these letters unaided and also spell simple words unaided.

My husband who self learn piano (very very basic notes and songs) teaches him and he seems very interested, so I am keen to get him a proper teacher before we kill off his interest with our highly untrained teaching method.

catwalker Thu 14-Jul-11 11:30:19

I don't think it's to do with being able to read and write. I can't remember the reasons our piano teacher gave but I think it may have been to do with the size of a child's hands. Presumably if they're not big enough to stretch as they need to then they're not playing properly. This means they may have to relearn hand positions etc when they're older. I'm sure there were other reasons, but she was head of music at a secondary school for 20 or so years and has taught piano for much longer so I guess knows what she's talking about!

Can't you just let him mess about on the piano until he's a bit older?

MayDayChild Thu 14-Jul-11 21:19:45

A friend of mine teaches in this area and has young children so may well have a different opinion.
I can PM you her name and number. I think you would have to go to her though.

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