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Applying for secondary school if moving to a new area?

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Mzdemeanour Wed 13-Jul-11 15:44:23

This is me doing a bit of very advanced future planning but thought I'd see if anyone could offer any advice.

I am a single mum of 7-year-old twins - have been seeing a man for six months and we are (vaguely) planning future together. I live in north London, he lives in Bucks and we have agreed to try and find somewhere in the middle-ish when the time comes.

My concern is what to do I do re schools - as we are not yet sure where we will end up living (and won't realistically be for a year or two), do I have to wait until we have an address to apply for a school place in, say, Bucks ... or can I apply on spec saying we are planning on moving/looking? Think because of our circumstances it is more likely that school place availability will affect where we look/end up rather than anything else (I teach part-time and need to be in commuting distance of London but may change jobs completely/he doesn't mind a bit of a commute ...)

Any advice gratefully received ...

weblette Wed 13-Jul-11 16:04:16

AFAIK you have to have proof of address - or a rental contract - before applying.

One factor you should keep in mind, Bucks is an 11+ area, you need to look very carefully at senior school catchments.

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