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Do I have to retrain?

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Dexifehatz Tue 12-Jul-11 23:03:48

I am a teacher with a Secondary English PGCE.I have been working at my sons primary school as a One to One tutor in Literacy and Numeracy.I have really enjoyed working with younger children and a post has come up for a LSP3 to work with an SEN child in Reception.Given I am trained as a secondary teacher could I go for the post? I have many years experience teaching in Special schools and spent 7 years working in a PRU.

fraktious Wed 13-Jul-11 06:08:55

QTS is QTS regardless of the stage you acquired it in so legally, no, you don't. However the school/LA may prefer someone with primary qualifications and experience.

I know several secondary teachers with young families who either supplement PT work in secondary with 1-1 in primary or only do 1-1 support.

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