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Experience of Local Government Ombudsman

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EMMJAY Sat 09-Jul-11 20:50:35

Does anyone have experience of the LGO ?

I recently attended my daughter's admission appeal and as I expected we lost. (Had to wait more than two weeks to find out !) I'm actually more concerned about what happened on the day than the decision. The clerk to the appeal panel had the most active role during the entire hearing. The panel barely said anything and appeared to be directed by the clerk who constantly interrupted me when I tried to make points or ask the governor's presenting officer questions. In fact the presenting officer did not answer any of my questions and was even told by the clerk not to respond to me. These are just some of the 'unexpected' things that happened on the day.

Would the LGO look at issues like this ?



prh47bridge Sat 09-Jul-11 20:58:11

Yes they would which is why i recommended that you refer the matter to them. The clerk has seriously overstepped the mark and the chair of the panel made no attempt to control him. The refusal to answer your questions is a clear breach of the required process, as is the constant interruptions. The LGO is there to deal with this kind of problem. They will intervene if they find that the correct process was not followed or that you were denied the opportunity to present your case properly.

EMMJAY Sat 09-Jul-11 21:53:08

Thanks prh47bridge ! I can still hardly believe what happened on the day.....
and as you say the passivity of the chair, the lay member of the panel did not utter a single word (apart from introductions). None of them asked the governor's presenting officer any questions, they seem to have totally accepted the School's case. The chair only asked me how my daughter's friends had gained admission to the School, no other significant questions. When I tried to challenge the admission authorities case that is when I got shot down by the clerk. I had expected this from the governor's representative but not from clerk to an independent appeal panel........yes will definitely refer this to the LGO.

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