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Anyone knowledgable about Certificate in Education?

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NinjaTurtle Thu 07-Jul-11 17:08:49

I'm looking to undertake some more education/training. I currently hold 3 A levels at grade A, been to university for a year (well two different universities, a year each, long story) I don't have any qualifications from university though, I fell pregnant with DD at the second University and was unable to complete exams and most work due to hyperemesis. Anyway, I digress. DD is currently 10mo, and I'm wanting to do something with my life. The localish college offers Certificates in Eduction, you don't have to hold a degree. But, if I got this qualification and a couple of years experience in education, I could go onto a degree in education and training.

I'm not overly keen on doing a degree first, part time it would take several years and I think I'd rather be in employment in the education sector sooner rather than having to go through years of study first. I would ideally like to teach either law or psychology at FE Level, or teach it as a GCSE subject at a college.

I realize that was quite long, longer than I expected, but my question is, does anyone has any experience/success stories with the Certificate in Education? Is it worthwhile? I want to teach, but not in a school.


LIZS Thu 07-Jul-11 21:56:32

Cert Ed is fine if you want to teach FE or Adult Ed, however you would probably need some formal experience of or qualification in the chosen subject too (ie A level).

NinjaTurtle Thu 07-Jul-11 22:21:32

Thanks for the reply.
I think I'd like to teach psychology ideally, I have an A grade at A Level in it. I also have and A in both law and sociology, but I feel that psychology is a broader area and many colleges are now offering it as an A level subject, or GCSE, and adult courses too.

jabed Fri 08-Jul-11 07:47:53

So you will be trying to teach to the same level that you have? Its usual to have one level above that you teach. I hope you are up to it. A level teaching is very difficult . I teach A level ( not your subjects). There is considerable emphasis now on results. You as teacher ( in the eyes of the college) will be responsible for that . Maybe you should consider teaching GCSE, B Tech or Access to He which are coursework based instead. Good luck.

crazymum53 Fri 08-Jul-11 08:55:08

To do this qualification for teaching in FE they do expect you to have some relevant teaching organised yourself whereas if you do a more conventional teaching qualification such as a degree followed by a PGCE or a BEd they organise the teaching practice for you as part of the course. The Cert Ed is really aimed at people wanting to teach non-academic subjects e.g. people training hairdressers, first aiders etc.

angelstar Fri 08-Jul-11 18:34:35

My dh has just finished his Cert Ed. He needed a level 3 qualification in whatever subject he was teaching and needed to be teaching at least 100 hours a year in the subject too. His subjects were English and maths as he was working in a pupil referal unit.

Mowlem Fri 08-Jul-11 21:49:33

If you wanted to teach an academic subject in FE, then you would need a degree. I would be surprised if any college would even look at you without it. They certainly wouldn't at my FE college. As a pp said, the Cert Ed is usually for those teaching vocational, not academic subjects.

CowsGoMoo Sun 10-Jul-11 22:40:15

Hi, I completed the DipEd last year from Sussex University along with doing the HLTA and a speech and language course. I'm now working in a secondary school, working on a 1:1 basis with those who have speech and language difficulties while also teaching a little English and running literacy classes.
The DipEd was fantastic and taught me an awful lot.
However my cohort was the last to study this as the university axed the course.
We were informed while at Uni that a lot of schools and colleges were no longer interested in taking on staff with only a CertEd or DipEd as the market is swamped with teachers with full degrees and PGCEs.
I believe I have been very lucky in securing a job in my school though I do also hold a science degree (not that I use it!) but wonder if that helped when I applied for my current job.
Can any points gained from the 2 universities you attended help go towards the OU for example, while your child is young and then do a PGCE once you've graduated?
I wish you lots of luck

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