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end of year present - naff idea or not?

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farkly Wed 06-Jul-11 18:22:53

DD is finishing pre-school this month & am stressing about what to get the staff. She has 1 key worker and there are another 5 members of staff all of which are lovely. I have been so happy with the nursery but am not into this present giving competitiveness and don't want to buy yet another box of chocs. So, I thought maybe DD could make them a nice card and then we'd get a jam jar each and fill them with nice (wild?) flowers picked by DD, tie the top with some wire so they can hang them up, and maybe/maybe not (?) write their name on each of them.

Is this a crap idea?
And how can I give it to them without making a big fuss, I find it all a bit embarrassing.

captainpig Wed 06-Jul-11 19:51:58

Lovely idea, I'm sure the staff would love it.

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