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Terra nova school or the ryleys ?

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hats716 Tue 28-Jun-11 13:56:39

Hi i have just moved to cheshire from manchester and would like to know your opinions on these two schools ? Thanks !

ScatterChasse Tue 28-Jun-11 20:49:25

Are you looking to board? If so, both go to thirteen, but at Terra Nova you can stay overnight which you can't do any more at Ryleys.

And boys or girls? Ryleys are only taking girls in the lower years at the moment, but it sounds to be going well.

Being horribly stereotypical now, but Ryleys has a lot of 'new money' families, own businesses, footballers etc. whereas I don't think that's the same at Terra Nova.

Sorry, I know that's not terribly helpful...

hats716 Wed 29-Jun-11 12:04:18

Thank you so much, it is actually quite helpful. I visited terra nova and will visit ryleys too in a weeks time. We are actually an asian family, and the only thing that concerned me was that there were only white kids there. As much as i want my son to mingle with the English people right from this age (he is 3) , im just worried he might face some different treatment. Racism and bullying however are strong words, and i dont think a private school would allow that. Personally im just hopeful as i myself have been accepted quite wholeheartedly here since we have come to england. Any advice on how to tackle such issues would be very helpful.

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