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hunchback Mon 27-Jun-11 16:20:27

Hello all new to this so bear with me.
My daughter is 7 years and struggling to read she is in the reading group at school and has one to one reading most days. I also read with her every night and have done since she was a baby, she takes home a book to read on her own but i do not see much in the way of progress. I have asked the teacher to move her from the all boys reading and writing group as she is now very aware this is the bottom group. This has not happened. I am now looking into a tutor for her but I think her interest and confidence in reading needs to be explored before she is helped in reading. Any ideas on what type of tutor or books i could get.

IndigoBell Mon 27-Jun-11 17:02:22

Here's some books that are designed to be done by parents, 10 mins a day, to help a struggling child with reading...

Dancing Bears

Phono Graphix

Toe by Toe

However, whether or not they'll help depends on what her problem is......

sarahfreck Thu 30-Jun-11 00:29:29

A good tutor should also be able to work on helping her build her interest and confidence in reading. I've not met a young child yet who underneath it all didn't want to really succeed and do well. Tutors can help support them and make them feel less insecure about it all. I've got one student who would like me to come nearly every day and I think this is because I've been able to help him feel much better about his reading and that he can begin to make progress.

All Indigo's suggestions are good - I'd be wary though of starting Toe by Toe with a 7 year old. I'd not normally use it with under 8's really as it is quite "dense" in presentation. For confidence building you might be best with Dancing Bears as it is quite "child friendly" in presentation and builds up really gradually.

Look for tutors in Thompson's Local, Yellow Pages, Post-Office windows (where I advertise grin) When you talk to a potential tutor, ask specifically what experience they have in helping a child with reading difficulties, do they have any written references from parents, are there any parents who would be willing to talk with you on the phone and say how they have helped their child? You could also try an agency, specifying the experience that your tutor will need. Beware of agencies though, some are a rip off ( though some are great). Ask them what qualifications they require of their teachers and what references they seek when a teacher signs up. Never use an agency that sends someone out to "assess" your child who is not the person who will be actually teaching her or someone who wants you to sign up for lots of lessons or materials up-front. Any good tutor should have clear terms and conditions and should be willing to have one or more "trial" sessions to see how things go. They should also be willing to spend time talking with you about your daughter and listening to what you feel are her needs.

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