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Moving to Woking area - need to find a prep school any recommendations?

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tilly6030 Sun 26-Jun-11 17:55:11

We are relocating from Yorkshire down to the Woking area and looking at prep schools for my DS. I am seeing Ripley Court and Greenfields. Others on the list are Hoe Bridge and St Andrews. We have tried the state route but because we have no address as yet (we will be renting but will not have an address before the end of August) and all the schools I have tried (about 10) are either very over-subscribed for my DS year or have awful OFSTED reports and I can't in good conscience move my DS from an outstanding primary to a poor one. Additionally I don't want to be tied to an area when looking for housing. Many thanks

mummytime Sun 26-Jun-11 21:20:32

Others to look at are Lanesborough and Cranmore (although look at info on here concerning that school). If you moved to Guildford, you could also look at Longacre, Belmont.
Or if more Byfleet way there is St George's college etc.
Can you really afford the fees longterm? Because if not I would start by seriously looking at secondary schools first.

Also how old is your DS? If he is older than year 2, then you could try appealing. Places do come up last minute, and in fact any places available now in good schools might not be available by the end of August.

Could you home educate for a while?

alice15 Mon 27-Jun-11 15:29:57

I know lots of people with children at some of these schools, and I would certainly suggest you have a look at Hoe Bridge. A lot depends on what your child is like - PM me if you would like more information on HB, St Andrews or Lanesborough.

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