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Tower Hamlet schools??

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abbyplustwins Sat 25-Jun-11 11:37:36

We are new to the area and the UK (from the US). I have 3 children. My daughter is 12 and will be in year 8 next year. My sons are 8 and will be in year 5. We are living in the Poplar area. I don't know anything about the schools here. We've been homeschooling since moving here in March, but I would like them to be enrolled in a school in the future. What schools should we consider? Are there any to avoid? We are Christian, but do not require a Christian school. I do prefer that the school they attend be diverse. One of my son's has special needs. He has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He absolutely cannot do any stairs. The school he (and his twin) attends must be fully accessible. He also has some mild learning disabilities. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks so much!!


Madsometimes Sat 25-Jun-11 11:49:25

I don't know Tower Hamlets schools well, but I do know that Millennium Primary in Greenwich is fully accessible. It is very close to Popar, but the Blackwall Tunnel may be an insurmountable barrier.

Your disabled child should be eligible for a statement, which will make securing a place at a school easier, once you find one that suits.

Icoulddoitbetter Sat 25-Jun-11 12:01:02

this one

This one is in the Bethnal Green area so not sure about catchment's etc. I worked as a paeds OT there 8 years ago and this was a wonderful primary school. Extremely inclusive, great staff.

For secondarys, this was great back then, although it also is in Bethnal Green, and is over two levels, though again is very inclusive so may have lifts. The children I saw here were mainly mildly disabled so I didn't need to look into access.


Macaroona Sat 25-Jun-11 12:04:07

St Bonaventures is in Newham but is an outstanding Catholic boys' school worth a look, very diverse and inclusive. Secondary, but start thinking now!

menagerie Sat 25-Jun-11 20:32:32

My info is probably out of date but Stepney Greencoats (C of E) had a very good reputation when we moved away from the area five years ago. So did Bonner, (Bethnal Green) but its catchment area is tiny. Stepney Greencoats I think takes Christians as preference over local children - or used to.

Old Ford had a fabulous reputation due to a new head when we left but watch out because the fab reputations, well deserved in themselves, can mean they have taught all their pupils to speak English fluently as a second language. If English is your first language then choose carefully as the area has a very high proportion of children who need to learn english first, and so, of course, local schools reflect this in their provision.

Madsometimes Sat 25-Jun-11 20:51:16

If you child with SN has not yet got a statement, then this is the first thing you need to do. AFAIK, you can apply for this now, but it is not a quick or easy process and there are people on the SN boards that can help you through this process.

qumquat Sun 26-Jun-11 13:00:49

If your daughter is into drama and the arts, Mulberry school has an amazing drama department whcih produces amazing work (they've won two fringe Firsts at the Edinburgh Festival).

sugarfoot Mon 27-Jun-11 11:44:09

Sir William Burrough in Limehouse is a great primary school and Morpeth a very good secondary.

sugarfoot Mon 27-Jun-11 11:44:31

Sir William Burrough in Limehouse is a great primary school and Morpeth a very good secondary.

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