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Sparkle47 Tue 21-Jun-11 22:18:11

I've been looking at home tuition websites, some of them look like dating websites!!!
Can anyone recommend a tutor based in Islington, who can teach KS2 english & maths and has successfully guided students through the North London Consortium entrance exam, particularly City of London school for girls? ....

deviladvocate Tue 21-Jun-11 22:29:23

Don't live nearby but it might be worth seeing if there's a branch of Tutor Doctor nearby, it's a franchise so I guess could vary but our local one is excellent.

Sparkle47 Thu 23-Jun-11 23:45:34

Thanks for that, I'll give them a try smile

Carol328 Fri 24-Jun-11 11:05:49

An interesting alternative is online tutoring. I can't vouch for their experience in North London Consortium but Chalkboard Learning ( provide experienced Oxbridge maths tutors. It's about a third of the cost of what most agencies charge for face-to-face tutoring and we've found it an effective and affordable way to access really good tutors.

nuzhra Sat 10-Nov-12 00:41:47

Can anyone recommend a tutor for 11+ English somewhere in Pinner, hatch end, harrow or northwood please?
It has to be individual tution please.

Omoyele Mon 08-Aug-16 07:25:17

Hello, I have just moved to the area and am based in between Pinner and Northwood Hills. Can anyone pls recommend a tutor for my daughter who is going into year 5 for the 11+ please. Many thanks Omoyele

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