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convincing Lea with regard to son's schooling

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Grams1 Tue 21-Jun-11 13:31:57

Our local Lea has agreed that our son who has autisim has SEN that cannot be met at main stream school. They have agreed to sending him to a special needs school. We have looked at the schools available, and chosen the one that meets his requirements, but are being asked to say more specifically why this above the others. Our son just felt more comfortable in this one, but the others are cheaper so the lea needs more conclusive evidence as to what is lacking in the others. One was a catholic school with a very stong ethos but lots of icons etc that spooked him, and compulsary mass. It is not our faith. How can i give a convincing argument as the school of our preference has already offered us a place in July and time is running out and we need the funding.

IndigoBell Tue 21-Jun-11 14:05:30

You'll probably get more responses if you repost this in SN Children.....

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