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Getting my son into a new school in a new area.

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Mummytotwopickles Tue 21-Jun-11 12:17:34

We're moving back to the UK from Greece next month and my son (5yrs 6 months) has just done 2 years of Greek pre school here (he would have started Greek primary school in September).

How easy will it be to get him into a school of my choice and in the catchment area that I live? My mum has been making some inquiries on my behalf and she was told the local schools are full.
It will impossible for me to take him to school in another area (by bus) and then return by bus to go to work.
How does it work and could I appeal?

Any advice would be great!

crystalglasses Tue 21-Jun-11 13:19:35

As I understand it local authorities have to provide a primary school place in their area alothough it may not be one of your choice and you may still need to catch a bus to get to it. You could try the local schools in the area that you're going to be working and get a childminder to pick him up from school. Meanwhile, once you're back in the UK, put his name down on a waiting list for your preferred school as there are bound to be places cropping up from time to time. I don't belieive that children find it difficult to integrate into new schools what ever their ages.

Mummytotwopickles Tue 21-Jun-11 20:25:21

Thank you. So I shouldn't be worrying then?

prh47bridge Tue 21-Jun-11 21:13:12

Once you move to the UK your local authority must find you a place even if all the schools are full. However, you may find that the place offered is some way away and/or at an unpopular school. It is unlikely to be at your preferred school although you may strike it lucky. If the place allocated is over 2 miles away by the shortest walking route the LA is required to provide free transport for your child if you want it.

If you don't get a place at your preferred school you can appeal. However, most infant appeals are held under infant class size rules. That means you can only win if you can show that a mistake has been made, which is highly unlikely for an in-year application such as yours.

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