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Anyone have kids in school in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside?

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catwithflowers Tue 21-Jun-11 11:39:56

Can you share your experiences with me please? We are moving there in 7 weeks and I've just posted off in-year application forms. Have 2 kids in secondary and one who will be in a first school.

Thanks smile

Archieharrysmum Thu 23-Jun-11 23:51:55

Hi Cat, i have 1 at southridge first school and one in their wraparound care (3+ but not nursery age). Know kids that have gone through the system and its fantastic, all 1st schools have good write ups, Personal preference is that valley gardens is better for middle as leads to whitley high rather than monkseaton high who appear to be excuse the language shit. Marden, monkseaton and valley gardens (middle schools ) are all good. its only high school you need to woory about and sine monkseaton has had awfull press coverage, they could be extremely good in a few years. Other very good first schools are marine park, whitley lodeg etc. if fact you'll be hard pressed to find a bad first school

VirgoGrr Fri 24-Jun-11 00:04:58

Couldn't resist popping in here - I went to Southridge - was 1980-84 though - not much help to you. smile

Had we stayed in the area, I would have gone to Valley Gardens and Whitley High. All spectacularly middle class educational facilities and sure they will be fine. My mum & dad researched schools to the nth degree when moving house.

Good luck and dont mind the sea frets, pet. wink

catwithflowers Fri 24-Jun-11 06:20:40

Thanks ladies! I grew about 4 miles away from WB so know all about the weather!! A day out was a flask and a picnic (not forgetting the wind break!!) in the sand dunes at Seaton Sluice and if we were very lucky, fish and chips by the sea front!

A few people have commented here on the good schools so am beginning to feel a little calmer! There is space in ds1's Year (11) at WB High but are still waiting for confirmation of a place. Yr 9 for dd is full so we are exploring other options but have discounted Monkseaton High in an ideal world. Ds2 is 9 so all the options for him look good!

Nice to know so many Mumsnetters are in the area and thanks anyway Virgo wink smile

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