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West Berkshire and North Hampshire primary schools

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amy58 Sat 18-Jun-11 21:17:20

Hello mums, !'m new to the site. We are moving to the A34 area over the summer holidays, right before my son starts school (he is 4). Timing is terrible, hardly any schools have spare places except OFSTED 3 rated ones. I'm interested to know peoples' views on the primaries in the area, espec the small ones eg Kintbury, St Martins East Woodhay and Goodworth Clatford. It's a nightmare trying to find out info apart from the school website as we all know word of mouth is so important. Any comments welcome!

crumpet Sat 18-Jun-11 21:20:12

Don't know the last one but St martin's is generally viewed as better than kintbury. Kintbury is doing a big extension/refurb over the holidays

crumpet Sat 18-Jun-11 21:23:03

Sorry, posted mid sentence, but was only going to finish by saying that it will give more space. St Martins is having it's annual campout tonight with kids/parents

amy58 Sat 18-Jun-11 21:24:05

thanks crumpet (sounds weird!) Are you local to the area? Kintbury doesn't come out well in Ofsted but I know Ofsted isn't the be all and end all.

amy58 Sat 18-Jun-11 21:24:48

just seen the second dbit of your msg, def one for the dads to do whilst mums stay home and dry!

crumpet Sat 18-Jun-11 21:43:01

That's exactly what the mums I know are doing! St Martins I believe is quite religious, not sure if that has a bearing, and some of its year groups are taught together - you ,ight want to check that with both the schools as it does fluctuate a bit depending on year size. Finally, I think Kintbury reception is quite big.

RosemaryandThyme Sun 19-Jun-11 09:24:16

Hello - and welcome to North Hampshire !
It is a lovely area for families.
I think of the primary schools as split between village and town.
Both have pros and cons.
Town - Baulksbury, Portway, Anton, and there is a Catholic one whose name escapes me, are generally good, have larger numbers 30 per class, up to 4 classes per year intake. They can cater for all abilities without children moving up or down classes, are well resourced, more after-school clubs.
However asthetically they are not so cute as village schools, and driving to them can be very congested in the mornings.

The village schools generally have mixed Y1/2, Y3/4 and Y5/6 classes with only reception as a seperate class.
This can be lovely for the children who all learn from each other but can mean if you've siblings close together they will spend all day at school together, and if your not keen on a teacher they will have that teacher for two years. Also the village schools vary widely in the amount of playground/sports field they have available.
Generally the village schools are very full this year, bit of a baby boom going on here !
If you particularly seek a village school it would be worth asking how many forces children they have as these move on every two years and new children then move up the waiting list. Also regular attendance at the appropriate parish church puts you up a step on the admissions criteria.
All the best for your move.

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