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Does anyone have experience of Francis Holland school in Regents Park?

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mrsruffallo Mon 13-Jun-11 13:26:53

Considering it for secondary school - any thoughts?

mrsruffallo Mon 13-Jun-11 13:32:53

So is it really unpopular or are you all just ignoring me?

Earlybird Mon 13-Jun-11 13:35:31

Friends recently considered it for their dd. They liked it very much, and would have sent her there, but opted for the other FH because it was geographically closer to their home.

So - no direct experience, but an indirect recent encounter......

mrsruffallo Mon 13-Jun-11 13:40:56

Thank you!
RP site is nearer to me, and it seems to have a more rounded approach than other independent secondaries I have looked at (City etc) which seem very competitive.

zeolite Mon 13-Jun-11 14:23:45

Pleasant, middle of the road school. SW1 appealed a little more (though NW1 was a little nearer), am sure you'll decide for yourself. The area also has Queen's College (if you're wedded to the independent sector) and St Marylebone School. They're both similar.

workingmother2 Tue 14-Jun-11 12:26:44

Zeolite has got it about right. Pleasant, middle of the road. Take a good look at it, and the other local schools as each of them has their assets (and failings), and although they all achieve similar results, they do it in very different ways. Try and work out what it is you want from a school.

Good things :
* not huge
* straightforward academic curriculum
* the teaching is thorough; the teachers are friendly.
* Work is almost always marked promptly and thoroughly
* ambitious
* keen on sport and music.
* It is central, easy to get to.
* Lots of lunch time clubs mainly used by the younger children.
* nice well maintained buildings of which every corner is used

Bad things;
* Not really big enough. if you are in a bad class or a bad year, there is nowhere really to escape to.
* Could do with more space. it is rather confined for all those teenage girls.
* Not enough creativity in the curriculum - no DT, Food tech etc.
* Somehow for a small school not very personal.
* Slight lack of ambition in some of the girls
* Quite a high turnover in the early years, and again at sixth form
* Lots of homework

There is probably lots more to say. Overall it is a good school.

Spatz Thu 23-Jun-11 14:59:39

Anyone else? I went to look today and was very impressed.

katevillage Wed 29-Feb-12 05:42:40

I went to Francis Holland in the late 80s. I cannot remember learning a single thing, except how to sit still and take orders (or pretend to). Most of us ended up in crammers, having to re-sit our A'levels. Other lovely memories: French teacher having an affair with a fifth former, brutal music teacher who made us all weep, a headmistress with traffic lights outside her office (always red: keep out), horrid North London cliques.
Scored straight A's in my lovely crammer and went on to a top uni, but not thanks to FH.
Have heard the new head at Queens is turning that particular finishing school into something worth considering, so am considering that for my DD. Cannot walk past FH without feeling nauseous.

g0ddess Fri 21-Apr-17 17:13:29

Just to reassure anyone thinking about FHS. It's a very different school to the one experienced by the previous poster. It's bigger than it was in the 80s for a start as the Gloucester pub was purchased by FHS and now the whole of that building is part of FHS. The new Head is fantastic. A breath of fresh air. Lots of new ideas (I can elaborate if anyone whats more info). Air conditioning is about to be installed, so eventually the inner hall won't be as hot! The sixth form is being revamped and redesigned. They are looking to expand in to the next door building if possible. My daughter and friends all seem very happy and enjoy going to school every day. Yes there is a lot of homework but they also have lots of fun. Lot of opportunities for theatre, music and sports as well as academic studies. My daughter loves playing netball in Regents Park. Anyway, I just wanted to add an update as the new Head has really made a difference.

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