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going rate for work as a tutor?

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missingmyflatbelly Thu 09-Jun-11 18:14:17

hope people don't mind me asking but what is the going rate for work as a tutor? i have no experience and am helping out a year 8 student.

also posted in employment.


clam Thu 09-Jun-11 18:24:04

Think it varies around the country, but round here (home counties) it's around £25 an hour. Could be more for some.

FlingonTheValiant Thu 09-Jun-11 19:09:10

I charge £25 per hour in SE London, but that's for GCSE and A level. So probably a bit less for Year 8. Although I haven't put my rates up for 3 years, so maybe not...

Jonnyfan Thu 09-Jun-11 20:33:00

Min of £30 for A level, I would say £25 for younger ones. Think what you pay your hairdresser/dentist/etc. My window cleaner charges £15 and is done in under 20 mins, so thats £45 an hour.

missingmyflatbelly Thu 09-Jun-11 22:30:18

many thanks this is really useful.

Loshad Thu 09-Jun-11 22:33:18

£25/hr for A level

Jonnyfan Thu 09-Jun-11 23:13:38

Music teachers charge an average of £30 per hour in London, slightly less elsewhere. For A level Maths tuition I think £30/35 is reasonable, especially if you travel to the pupil.

MrsShrekTheThird Thu 09-Jun-11 23:20:46

£25/hr here smile
Travel extra, presumably, or out of pocket costs like car parking <random>

mnistooaddictive Fri 10-Jun-11 06:53:24

I charge £25 per hour for GCSE and alevel but may put my prices up now I have a good track record

sue52 Fri 10-Jun-11 12:02:42

£20 an hour plus 60p per mile.

Jonnyfan Fri 10-Jun-11 19:41:55

Seriously, anyone charging less than £25 or £30 for A level is undercharging. No doubt they will come back and say they do it for love/are happy to help etc. etc. I'm surprised, actually, as I would expect tutors in London to charge over £30,

missingmyflatbelly Sat 11-Jun-11 13:42:18

thank you everyone, this is really useful as i think i was going to seriously undercharge by the sounds of it!

lazymumofteenagesons Sat 11-Jun-11 23:30:58

GCSE and A level maths tutors in London known to charge £40+.
My son who did his maths A level last year is tutoring a year 9 and is undercharging at £15 in order to get the experience. Any more business that comes his way he will charge £20 (still half of what an experienced tutor costs).

emptyshell Tue 14-Jun-11 10:15:30

I charge £20 an hour for primary work in the Midlands - considering increasing it slightly since the cost of petrol's got berluddy brutal.

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