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Tutoring for entrance exam to High school, Chester

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coansha Thu 09-Jun-11 04:17:21

Hi we are moving to CHESTER and my 2 dd's have just sat entrance exam for school there, one is super clever (top scores)and the other is clever but lazy(I fear my mother may pop up here and say she takes after me) we have been told she will need to pass the exam in January so needs extra tuition. Could anyone out there in mumsnet land recommend a good tutor, maths being main issue but other areas too.
Anyone else had to do this and how did your DC do??
She is a beautiful, caring & very bright girl, sociable , super sweet and pc wizard but lazy with her school work.
Would appreciate any info as she has had a crap year with 3 temp teachers and a very mixed ability class, no excuses for her part in it but they have not helped and I need to get her on the right track.
I have tried teaching/helping her but as she is so like me we nearly kill each other but I worked great with my eldest DD.

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