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feeders for secondary schools

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bembridge Sun 05-Jun-11 16:20:22

I would like to know which feeders are for Riddlesdown secondary school.I know that Roke is one of them and think Atwood is but not sure for certain.If there are 2 or 3 schools does one school take priority over the students it lets in I.E will let more roke students in???

We are debating where to send our 2 childrend to, we were new to the area while choosing primary school and were in the middle of moving so didnt have an address, so we put Atwood as our first choice although we live right near Roke. We got them both into Atwood and i know this is a great school but i dont drive and would be taking them by bus every day, my main worry is that if they attend Atwood they will have to go to Awood high which i have not heard good things about. So with Atwoods places accepted for now they are on the waiting list for roke as i have been told they have a better chance of getting into riddlesdown as roke is the feeder. Any suggestions comments would be very much appreciated.
Also if you can give us your opinion on which school is better in your opinion tht would be great thanks so very much.

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