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Argghhh!!! Quick what shall I do about DD's reception place.

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pie Fri 03-Oct-03 11:44:23

DD is due to start reception in Jan 2004. Just got the letters back. Only once school has taken her, its far away, its the one I liked least and it has one of the worst reputations in the area.

The school I was hoping to get her into is quite literally across the road from her current nursery school. I rang them and said we live about 400 yards from you school, why didn't DD get in. Apparently there were 30 people nearer, but she is 2nd reserve. So only 2 people need to turn this school down for her to get a place. I have to ring next Friday, the 10th, to find out if she is in.

The thing is the only school that has taken her needs me to reply by the 10th.

Do I send back the form saying yes I want the place, and then if the school where I really want her to go tells me there is a place can I tell the other school we have changed our minds?

The only school she has gotten into really was my back up plan, but I hated it when I visited.

I only applied for 3 as they were the only non church ones...this sucks. If I don't have the baby before Wednesday (the 8th) I'm going into to be induced, so now I have no idea how I'm going to sort this all out.

katierocket Fri 03-Oct-03 12:08:14

sorry to hear this pie. I'm sure there will be a mumsnetter here who will know whether there is anything in place legally that stops you from accepting both places.

I don't know the answer but if it were me I would accept the one you don't like and then hope that your 1st choice comes good. It isn't great as obviously it messes the other school around but you have to do what's best for your child. fingers crossed that 2 others drop out so she does get in.

LIZS Fri 03-Oct-03 12:14:38

You really don't need this now. If I were you I would accept the one given and cross my fingers. I don't think they can force you to take it up if the situation changes before January.

How long ago were the applications in ? - if very recently it would be optimistic to hope 2 will turn it down but if, say, before the summer, then chances are higher that one will have moved away by January and maybe someone got into a different school of their preference. Is it possible that one of the church schools might still have a place and prove a more acceptable choice in the meantime ?

Did you tell them that the baby is due next week and you may find it difficult to ring on 10th ? Perhaps they could at least give you longer to make contact.

Hope you get the place you want and put your mind at rest. good luck

Batters Fri 03-Oct-03 12:29:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scottiebabe Fri 03-Oct-03 12:56:46

Pie, I am with Batters on this accept the place and hope you get the other one
Good luck

Kyliebump Fri 03-Oct-03 13:29:55

I would suggest that you accept the place so that you know that DD definately has a school place for January, but make sure that the school that you want knows that you want her to be on their waiting list - maybe put it in writing to them. Is there someone who can phone for you on the 10th? If, on the 10th, they say there is no place, then make sure they know you still want her name on the waiting list and phone regularly (weekly) for updates.

Don't worry about accepting one school place and then withdrawing if offered the one that you want - it happens all the time. Hopefully a couple of people are going to withdraw from the school that you want, and will free up a place for DD!

kmg1 Fri 03-Oct-03 14:17:54

Yes, don't worry about accepting a place, then maybe turning it down later... schools are so used to this. We had a complete juggle of school/nursery places when we moved house - and I felt awful phoning and writing to turn down places we'd earlier accepted, and was really apologetic ... but the schools were really laid back about it. They are used to this sort of thing happening.

mieow Fri 03-Oct-03 14:22:03

I accepted a place at DS's school for DD, even though we were waiting to hear if she had a place at a SN nursery. Just accept it and if she gets into the nicer school just phone up and say you will not be needing the placement

Beccaroll Fri 03-Oct-03 14:22:07

Do schools take a January entry? I thought it was just September?

pie Fri 03-Oct-03 15:20:29

Thanks for the reassurance. I think I will take the place she has been offered, and hope that 2 people refuse/don't reply at the one she wants. We applied in May, I think that the end of May was the latest we could apply, so I guess a fair amount of people could have moved/changed their minds.

I think its the timing that has freaked me out!!

I told the school that I may not be able to ring on the 10th so DH or my mum might, so they are expecting one of us to call.

The one that I am hoping for is also the one that DD liked the most, she talks about going to the new big school after Christmas ALL the time...I'll have to sit on it until I know for sure.

TheOldDragon Fri 03-Oct-03 19:19:19

Can you use your current disability to your advantage here? Am I right in thinking that you don't know how quick or complete your recovery from the SPD will be? Will it not be very difficult for you to get your DD to the school that's further away?

pie Fri 03-Oct-03 19:21:48

Hi Dragon, I rang DD's nursery school this afternoon and thats what they said. The school secretary then did some calling for me, got her on another reserve list. And she talked to my first choice, apparently they said that DD has a good chance as there is only one person ahead of her the reserve list, and there are ususally a few refusals or no answers every year. I will be keeping all fingers crossed.

SoupDragon Fri 03-Oct-03 19:28:15

I think a friend's son was something like 5th on his waiting list and got a place in a one intake school. I think there's a good chance you'll be OK. I'll keep my talons crossed

soyabean Fri 03-Oct-03 20:26:09

Pie I think you've got a very good chance of getting in as 2nd reserve so as the others have said, accept the other one for now and phone the favourite every week or so to remind them you are still interested.
Beccaroll in London there are 2 intakes per year but I know its not the same in all parts of the country

Posey Fri 03-Oct-03 20:59:35

Beccaroll - some schools have 2 intakes a year, others just September. At my dd school all children born between 1 Sep and 28 Feb start in the September while those born 1 mar to 31 Aug start in January. It means there are no children starting within days of their 4th birthday. At dd's school they stayed in 2 separate classes, an "old" class and a "young" class until the end of reception year then mixed them up before starting in y1. Now they're in y2 and you can't tell whose had the extra term at school.

pie Tue 14-Oct-03 13:07:41

Thought I would give an update!!!

Accepted the place at the school I didn't want. Rang the school I wanted on Friday, remember I said that 2 people needed to turn them down for DD1 to get in?

Well 2 people, as of friday, hadn't replied and the secretary was trying to track them down. No letter yesterday so assumed DD1 hadn't got in...but letter today

DD1 is giong to be so pleased.

Angeliz Tue 14-Oct-03 13:11:41

just read this thread and feel really happy for you pie! You must be so re-assured and dd too by the sounds of it. Well done

chatee Tue 14-Oct-03 13:14:16

excellent news pie-know the feeling as our forms have to be in next month and we find out in March where the placement will be(and just like you i will be expecting baba2 then)so really wont need the extra hassle.i bet you can't wait to tell dd1 can

LIZS Tue 14-Oct-03 13:27:15

So pleased it has worked out for you. good luck to dd1 when she starts.

Batters Tue 14-Oct-03 14:53:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pupuce Tue 14-Oct-03 20:19:23

Pie - well fabe Pie
Clearly lady luck is turning

WideWebWitch Tue 14-Oct-03 20:26:27

Great news pie. Hope Pupuce is right about Lady Luck.

Aletta Fri 17-Aug-07 13:16:44

Calling parents who haven't yet got a reception place for September 2007. We are in this boat, living in Finchley, and have found out that there are 60 other children locally who didn't get a place (the local LEA is Barnet). We're now in a limbo, pinning our hope on someone dropping off a waiting list. If you're also in this position, we have started a site called

to offer mutual support and perhaps unite to get the authorities to take the problem seriously. Pay the site a visit and post a note.

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