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HELP! Choosing b/w quainton Hall,Reddiford,St martins and b/w N harrow,Pinner for residence

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tumpa Wed 11-May-11 07:48:01

I have shortlisted down to these 3 schools (Quainton Hall,Reddiford,St Martins) and now confused. I have 2 ds , one in Yr 1 and one in Yr 4. we hope them to get into Merchant Taylors /Habs for senior school,hence hunt for the right prep
1. St martins is top feeder to MT as per reviews but most expensive too
2. QH seems balanced and it goes up to13+
3. Reddiford is also in same range as QH , good review but only goes up to 11+ and also I saw in forum that they really don't prepare for 11+?
4. Also, is it better to prepare for 11+ or 13+ exams for senior school?
5. Lastly, overall how better is Pinner area than N Harrow for living stds?
Hence, if I have a choice of QH/Reddiford ,

QueenOfToast Mon 02-Nov-15 15:05:04

If Habs is your first choice you would definitely be better considering a school that finishes at 11. Habs has a relatively small intake at 13+ and your best chance is therefore being prepared properly for 11+. I agree that for an 11+ Buckingham Prep has recently turned around. Fabulous new head started in September and very much a school on the up.

If you know that you want MTs, then Northwood Prep (now Merchant Taylor's Prep) is your best bet.

moonbells Thu 29-Oct-15 10:47:40

I only messaged Nnaush because I didn't want to majorly awaken the zombie thread, but it's now awake grin so here goes.

As far as St Martin's and Habs went, I just said that there's a gentleman's agreement between 13+ preps and senior schools, that they don't poach. ie if your son is at a prep, then he wouldn't be allowed to transfer at 11+. Also when you start at a 13+ prep, they ask you to sign a contract stating you agree that you won't shift them at 11+. Though if you're moving to state at that point (I know some parents who've got their DC into QE Barnet, for instance so they've had to go at 11+) then it's more tolerated.

I do know that one parent in my DS's year left after nursery: they lived pretty much on top of Habs so I guess they got in at 4+.

The other thing to bear in mind is that you don't know at 3+4+ etc what your child is really good at, or their character. If you choose a prep, then by the time they hit Y8 then you'll have had a lot of discussion with the head/tutors etc and will know which senior school they are best suited for and will be happiest at, so your sons can do common entrance for the right schools for them. Keeping options open at the early stages is therefore a good thing. Though it's not necessarily easy to get in the preps! I heard there was a 3+ ratio of 4:1 and 4+ ratio of 10:1 applicants:acceptances over all the Northwood boys' schools, though I could be wrong.

St Martin's, St John's and NP/MTP are all pretty good at getting boys into a whole range of senior schools, with a fairly even distribution of scholarships. Even with the new ability of MTP boys to pass into MTS without CE (if a good fit! They aren't expecting all boys to go straight through, just about a third as happens already) the majority of boys will still be doing CE and other exams for other senior schools incl Habs.

Lastly, do try out the journeys from your home to all the schools you're thinking of, in term-time, and make sure you can manage it for years with your DC. We're talking here about schools over a large geographic range and the commute can be quite horrible when you have a tired/fed up/needing a loo child in the car. I am speaking from experience here! Going to a closer to home primary school may help. And remember, there are buses to Habs from Rickmansworth/Northwood/Pinner etc. for the older children.

NorthLondonMum2 Wed 28-Oct-15 14:32:50

moonbells, I have the same question as NNaush - we are considering St Martins and Habs Boys. Can you message me too please if you have any information? Thank you!

Izzie74 Tue 27-Oct-15 15:57:10

Go to Buckingham Prep. Better all round pastoral care and fabulous results at 11+. Small and friendly.

moonbells Tue 27-Oct-15 14:15:00

Nnaush check your inbox please!

Nnaush Mon 19-Oct-15 15:35:40

Hi....We are applying for a 3+ place for our DS in St. Martin's and Northwood Prep. I just read that NP is now an all through school as Merchant Taylor being the secondary partner. For secondary we are keen on MT or Habs. Would it be wise to put him to NP so he has a chance at MT and also the try at Habs...Habs being our first choice? I read that as st. MARTINS is 13+ habs don't accept the kids. Can someone please clarify this. Also if We put him into st. Martins now and then at 5+ try for Habs; would that make sense?

We are very confused and would really appreciate some help.


JollyOne Thu 05-Feb-15 17:20:52

It means Dear Son and is a silly expression, thankfully limited to forums. You never hear parents call their children "dear son" so no idea why people use it.

shockingout Thu 05-Feb-15 17:01:59

wordswisdom - The school should be able to tell you this information. Just out of curiosity, what does DS mean? I see it everywhere in threads

wordswisdom Wed 04-Feb-15 15:25:34

Hello, my DS has just had an assessment for reception last week, does anyone know roughly how long it takes for a decision? Feeling very stressed!! Thanks

shockingout Fri 30-Jan-15 15:17:38

Current option being what? St Martins has fantastic facilities. The school is quite large and is effective in ensuring the children have the best opportunities available. The children are very nice, the teachers are excellent and the extra-curricular activities on offer are first class

JollyOne Tue 27-Jan-15 13:51:18

Shockingout, what makes St Martins so good compared to your current option ?

shockingout Tue 27-Jan-15 11:18:28

I have leant a valuable lesson about going for a school where the fees are slightly cheaper. Northwood Prep beats Reddiford hands down. Although nothing beats St Martins. Fantastic school :-)

JollyOne Mon 26-Jan-15 18:58:49

Hi Mkumar80,

Easy one : Write a comprehensive list of positives / negatives for each school, then total up each. The one with the more positives is probably the right school for you. Interesting that everyone says Reddiford is congested, that would be a big negative for me.

Mkumar80 Wed 14-Jan-15 00:05:19

Plz help, my son has offer from northwood prep school and reddiford for sep 2015, we are utterly confused which is a best school. Definitely we found Reddiford was very academic yet congested. After we accept offer from
NP we noticed not so very nice reviews about the school. Can some please advice as which one out of these two are best.

JollyOne Tue 14-Oct-14 16:59:14

Hi Sjani,

Check with the local council ref waiting lists, they will be long. As for moving from private to state, they are quite different environments. I am sure he will adjust in the long run, however it all depends on the child and how they cope with change.

sjani Tue 14-Oct-14 14:33:01

any one here moved their child from in year? my son is currently in Year 1 and we moved house so am expecting to get admission in cannons lane or west lodge. From the above posts i think there will be long waiting list.

my son currently is in private school and am concerned about moving him to state school. has anyone experience this? any advise will be helpful.

shockingout Tue 14-Oct-14 13:23:22

I apologise for my rant. I was extremely frustrated at the time. I still have my concerns regarding QHS, but I must admit I do like Mrs Scanlon (PPR teacher). My son seems to have made some nice friends and is enjoying school. Academically, I cant really complain. I think he is being taught well. Some of the mum's in the morning are not very friendly which is annoying

JollyOne Fri 10-Oct-14 16:59:32

Shockingout, it’s a shame you feel this way.

My child also attends Quainton Hall. I have found the pastoral care to be excellent, communication with parents is consistent and the new head Simon Ford has his finger on the pulse. I understand your point about cultural balance and this is a reflection of the demographic in Harrow now, according to Wikipedia Harrow's population is now 60%+ Asian, so you would expect a similar balance in the schools. Quainton does not select on race, it selects on ability from the local and surrounding areas. I would agree a few more kids from other backgrounds would be most welcome and hopefully the new head will address this, however places can only be awarded to those that apply.

I believe the reception class currently has 16 children, so yes there are four places to fill, however the smaller the class size, the better attention ratio they receive. This issue of filling places is not limited to Quainton Hall, private schools are an expense that many families simply cannot afford, particularly in the current economic climate. I am sure many parents would love the opportunity to give their children the best start possible and are unable to do so. Other local schools like Pinner Park or Marlbourough have class sizes of 30+.

When reviewing leavers from Quainton Hall versus other local private schools such as; Alpha, Reddiford, Orley Farm etc, you will see that Quainton is awarded more places to the top secondary schools, so if it is a good quality, balanced educating you are looking for, your child is in the right place.

I would encourage all backgrounds to consider Quainton. It definitely has some of the best facilities out of the schools we visited in Harrow and is very traditional in it’s approach. Just love the way the kids line up before going into school and say good morning to the teachers -they don’t just educate the children, they teach them good manners and politeness

Izzie74 Sat 27-Sep-14 20:24:00

Shocking out try Buckingham college prep school in rayners lane. A great small school with excellent pastoral care and great 11+ results. Small and friendly and just received outstanding in their latest inspection.

Veena78 Sat 20-Sep-14 22:48:52

Which private prep school to send my son, NP, QH, St Martins or reddiford ? For Sept 2015 . Please help, TIA

shockingout Tue 16-Sep-14 14:38:28

My son has started reception at QHS and I now have to accept the fact that it was the biggest mistake of my life. Avoid this school at all costs. The fees are reasonable but there is a reason behind it. For a private school the standards are appalling. They are struggling to fill up places in all years and there is no diversity at all. I myself am asian, but the school seems to have adopted an only asian entry policy. Surely there must be some diversity. There is a swimming pool at the school and after speaking to a few other parents, they said the lessons are a complete farce. They spend about 10 minutes in the pool and they are not productive. My son will be out of this school as soon as I get him into another. That I certainly WILL DO

IsabellaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 12-Dec-13 11:00:08

Talk to Local parents about schools in Harrow by visiting our Local site for Harrow, here:

Loveulots Wed 04-Sep-13 15:01:33

Hi swaaati/ rasb123,
where did you finally end up?
i have started a thread for Reddiford and is after any views about this school. any opinion is highly appreciated.
Moonbells, Tumpa , stikmatix - please can i have your opinions about Reddiford please? TIA.

rasb123 Tue 05-Mar-13 10:01:32

My Ds has been offered a place in Reddiford and St martins, and i really need to decide,,,on 2..ASAP..Reddiford seems to be very academic ,,but lack of space....very conjusted,,,,St martin seems to be Perfect school -Playgrounds, auditoriums Music,,,infrastructure,,,,but it goes till 13 + and i am not sure how academic kids are.....Is it worth spending more money there???Please suggest if somebody has any experience of both the schools...........We have recently moved to Pinner area so dont know much about these schools......Please if you will share any suggestions/expereinces it will be very helpful.

moonbells Thu 02-Feb-12 06:25:57

Anu please check your inbox!

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