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proposed hours on statement 15

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drumsticks Wed 27-Apr-11 09:55:02

my son as complex learning dyslexia speech and language and has just been partly diagnosed with high functioning aspergers 15 hours as been proposed on his statement he is in year 6 and will be in transition to high school i feel he will need more than 15 hours i have sent in a letter to put my concerns over they havent listend what will be the next step to do i feel break times lunches will be a bullying issue i have put over my concerns but they are still sending out a letter for 15 hours

i am also in the process of waiting for a decision on a school i have selected for adam its a mainstream but has an autisum unit attrached

ladygogo Wed 27-Apr-11 11:45:24

I'd repost this in the special needs section if I were you.... there is always lots of advice on there about statements and appeals.

IndigoBell Wed 27-Apr-11 12:03:01

Post in SN children - not SN Education or SN Teens.

But basically what you will have to do is appeal.

Also the 15 hours can be used to cover breaks instead of class time.......

And also if he's in the school and not in the ASD unit he probably won't be getting any extra support or help........ Normally they only have enough resources to help the kids in the unit......

mnistooaddictive Wed 27-Apr-11 17:14:48

I know very little but I do know that very children get as many hours as they really need or their parents expect. Treat it as a starting point and something to work up from. An unfortunate side effect of tight budgets.

pinkorkid Fri 29-Apr-11 19:32:52
3 useful support organisations for anyone going through the statementing process.

TheMatrix Sun 05-Jun-11 13:05:26

Sorry pinkorkid, but i disagree with your first selection! Whilst I hear some have had good experience with PP - the vast majority would advise caution at least!
PP are NOT independent - they are paid from LA budgets - does that not ring an alarm bell?
The other two organisations you mention are brilliant - both are totally independent and hence can be trusted - in my humble opinion!

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