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Stratford Girls Grammar or Alcester Grammar??

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MagicalChipmunk Fri 22-Apr-11 13:05:49

My daughter has been offered a place at Alcester Grammar (8 miles away - school bus) but now Strtaford Girls grammar (10 min walk away) has offered her a place too. She is completely torn. Likes the idea of mixed sex and modern facilities at Alcester but Girls Grammar is nearer, smaller and slightly better reputation for achievement. How do we make the decision? Anyone have any knowledge of either that might help her?

thank you for any thoughts or info!

senua Sat 23-Apr-11 21:58:55

Don't know much about either school but one thing I do know which surprised me when I found out (apologies if you already know this):
You have to pass the selective test to get into either school at Y7 but sixthform is quite different. SonA asks for 5 GCSE but also a points tariff of 47.5 (so if grade A*=8, A=7, B=6, c=5 then this is really something like eight @ Grade B). Alcester only asks for 4 GCSE at Grade B.

So Alcester asks a much lower entry at sixthform. This is because it effectively becomes a Comprehensive; being the only local school with a sixth form it takes kids from all the other (non-selective) local schools. It's not truly comp since they only do A Levels, not vocational qualifications, but you do wonder about how it affects the lower school.

I'm afraid I don't know anything else about ethos, friendliness, pastoral care etc. Acquaintances have a DC at Alcester and I haven't heard them complain about it.

catnao Sun 24-Apr-11 00:06:17

I went to Shottery and loved it, and my friend went to Alcester and hated it, but I left in 1996, so this is probably not helpful!

weezeegee Sun 07-Apr-13 16:03:40

We have a daughter taking the 11+ in September 2013. We'd be very interested to know which school you chose and whether you are pleased with the decision?

RedVW Sun 07-Apr-13 16:48:59

I know it might be too late for OP, but to help weezeegee, I know of several children who are at Alcester Grammar (boys and girls). Without exception all the children are doing very well there and they all love it. Their parents are all very pleased with the school. Their results at GCSE are excellent and although, as one of the posters mentioned above, their A level results are lower, due perhaps to the extra intake at L6, I suspect those who did well at GCSE will also do well at A level. I also know of one child at SonA. She is doing well there. Her mother chose it as she wanted a girl's only school for her daughter even though it is further for her to travel than AGS. Please ensure you visit both schools on open days and talk to the pupils. I suspect your decision will come down to mixed vs single sex, how far you have to travel and whether your daughter gets a high enough score for SonA. Both schools are excellent! We put AGS as second choice for our two boys, with a Birmingham school as first choice. I would have been more than happy for them to go to AGS. Hope this helps.

myron Sun 07-Apr-13 20:04:18

A 20 min daily walk and better academics versus 2 hrs' bus travel - I know which one I would choose!

SorrelForbes Sun 07-Apr-13 20:07:53

Both good schools. My DSis opted for Shottery Girls for her eldest. Unfortuantely she is currently being very badly bullied and the school are not handling it well at all (the Head of House specifically). My DSis is going to see how things go for the first couple of weeks of the new term and if they don't improve she's going to try and move her to Alcester.

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