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South Farnham and Bourne Schools - atmosphere?

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onthemoveyetagain Sun 17-Apr-11 01:06:19

Opinions needed please! We were about to move to the Bourne area to try and get a place at the Bourne and later hopefully at South Farnham. I knew about the amalgamation but have been hearing lately that there is so much controversy and low morale at both schools.

We basically can move anywhere but picked this area because of these two schools. I know the waiting lists are long so there would be no guarantee.

But now I am seriously wondering about whether to move at all. Does anyone out there have children at the Bourne or South Farnham who could give me some thoughts about the schools? Are children happy at these schools? Should I be staying away given the current situation.

I have to admit we did look around South Farnham and were hugely impressed by both resources and attainment. But there was something I could not put my finger on - something about the atmosphere. No-one said hello and the people in the front office didn't even look up. Is South Farnham a friendly school in people's opinions and did I just catch them on a bad day? My little one is a sensitive soul and I am feeling really uneasy for some reason. Hubby says I am being silly and the results speak for themselves regardless of hunches!

I would really appreciate any thoughts on these schools before we take the plunge and move. I really like the look of Waverley Abbey but the Ofsted report isn't quite as glowing - I know that Ofsted reports aren't everything but if we can go anywhere we might as well go by them as much as we can.

Thank you in advance.

onthemoveyetagain Sun 17-Apr-11 18:37:40

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this? would love to hear from people who have children at the Bourne or South Farnham schools : )

longgrasswhispers Fri 22-Apr-11 08:58:17

Just wanted to 'bump' this, but I think if you're feeling uneasy, then you should listen to that feeling. Check out the other side of Farnham - Weybourne, the William Cobbett school. All lovely atmosphere's with Heath End senior school nearby (Grade 2 Ofsted at the moment, but might be Grade 1 by the time your children get there). You'd have a choice of 6th Form college - either Farnham or Farnborough - Farnborough I know is Grade 1 Ofsted at the moment.

Can you go and look at those schools again? Just to see if they were having an 'off' day.

Other lovely schools are in Odiham, which is about 4 miles down the road from Farnham - I've been to Mayhill Junior and it's absolutely lovely. Couldn't ask more if it were a private school frankly.

ABouttoeatalltheeggsGIRL Fri 22-Apr-11 20:14:37

I live in the Weybourne area, DS1 goes to Badshot Lea infants which is fantastic. However Heath End has just had an ofsted and is now graded '3', if we're still around when he goes to senior we'll also be considering All Hallows, which is catholic, but does admit local children of other faiths and is outstanding and has been for ages.

Mossy1 Wed 27-Apr-11 08:52:23

South Farnham are merging with the Bourne and this has created a wealth of issues which perhaps weren't carefully considered. I know of someone who has put their child's name on the waiting list and is currently at 60 (ish) so the chances of 60 children dropping out........
I chose not to send my child there and feel it has an 'elitist' attitude - one that I would not wish my son to adopt. But then that's Farnham for you....

MiraNova Wed 27-Apr-11 09:59:11

My DDs went to Waverley Abbey, and it really is a lovely school, and I would highly recommend it - it is good academically, and is focused on developing rounded children - their arts, music and sports are all really good too. I know a number of children from Waverley Abbey that have gone privately afterwards and been successful in gaining places at RGS, St Catherines and Guildford High, without excessive tutoring .

I don't know much about South Farnham, other than that my cousin withdrew her children as she felt they weren't thriving there - but other people rave about it. I would go with your gut feeling.

SKY03 Sun 01-May-11 17:25:06

Both of my children have gone to the Bourne school and are now at South Farnham. They're fantastic schools and my children of different abilities are thriving. I personally dont feel it has an elitist attitude. I think there's a lot of "talk" about it but most people/ parents I've met are very down to earth and . Yes, there are certain things that I think could be done differently but isnt that the same for most things? I have one daughter who is about to leave this summer and she has loved every minute of being there. I guess everyone has different experiences, mine for what its worth has been a very positive one.

annapavlova Sun 29-May-11 13:51:42

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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