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teachers - fess up, what are your parent evening euphemisms!

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fullmoonfiend Tue 01-Nov-05 17:14:30

Hello teachers - just been having a wry smile at an article in the Times 2 section today about parents' evenings and what teachers really mean when they say ( for example) 'a bit lively' = a real pain. Eager to please = won't stop hassling me. As our parents' eveing is looming next week, and I recognised a few examples in my own children, I just wondered what you 'tactfully' say if a particular child is awful. Or do you tell the truth! (but only of the parents' are smaller than you or you're near a door for a swift exit)

Hausfrau Tue 01-Nov-05 17:27:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wilbur Tue 01-Nov-05 17:29:35

Ds1 got described as "a live wire" by his games teacher, ie he doesn't listen and acts up.

HerRoyalLovlinessMaloryTowers Tue 01-Nov-05 17:30:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tassis Tue 01-Nov-05 17:35:22

"enthusiastic" - never shuts up

homemama Tue 01-Nov-05 19:14:25

She's always willing to help- She's one of those PITA little girls who always sucks up.

Christie Tue 01-Nov-05 22:41:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spookylucy Tue 01-Nov-05 22:43:13

I use lively and sociable when I mean A BLOODY PAIN IN THE ARSE!

Rarrie Tue 01-Nov-05 23:47:19

Obviously there are 'lively comments' for badly behaved. Others are:

'Tries hard' - not very bright, but plods on

'Enjoys discussions' - doesn't stop chatting

'Enjoys the more active tasks' - can't get them to do their written work for love nor money!

'Very popular in class' - one of the in crowd who doesn't like working.

'Has made good progress over the course of the year' - If you think they're bad now, think how much worse they were last year!!

There were more, but I don't teach in schools anymore, so have forgotten most of them!

helsy Tue 01-Nov-05 23:49:41

So what is "bubbly and dynamic"?

I understood "sometimes her enthusiasm to talk gets in the way of her listening" , but not that one.

MrsSpoon Tue 01-Nov-05 23:51:47

Watching this with interest, DS1's parents' night very soon.

lockets Tue 01-Nov-05 23:52:07

Message withdrawn

spookylucy Tue 01-Nov-05 23:53:42

bubbly and dynamic is talks alot and can be loud or more positvely lots of enthusiasm and will volunteer for any thing

helsy Tue 01-Nov-05 23:55:54

Think I'll go for the first - reluctantly, Spookylucy. Wish I'd never asked! You teachers are a mean lot...............

Tortington Wed 02-Nov-05 01:00:56

you know their scraping the barrell when the only thing they can come up with is "he's very well mannered and polite"

Blandmum Wed 02-Nov-05 16:27:46

Outgoing, liveky and enthusiastic in oral work, mean a child who will never sit still or shut up.

If a child is nice I tell the parents the truth that their child is a delight to work with.

TYou sometimes have to be brutaly honest, 'No Mrs X, Johnny cannot do A level Biology as he is predicted to get a grade E in GCSE and will only work if I stand behind him every minute of the lesson'

fullmoonfiend Wed 02-Nov-05 17:17:41

OMG I'm dreading parents' evening now - many of these have been used to describe my ds in the past [Grin] and this year I've got two of them!

mymama Thu 03-Nov-05 00:14:01

I have interview night soon too. I would much rather the teacher tell me her probs so I can sort them out with her. If I don't know I can't help her. I suppose some parents go home and flog the kid for talking do they????

Blandmum Thu 03-Nov-05 11:28:10

In the past I have been warned not to tell specific parents anything negative about their child because they would give the kid a beating

mymama Fri 04-Nov-05 09:30:25

That is so awful . But I am guessing that as teachers you would see and hear some terrible things. I really could not teach as I think I would spend many a day crying. I cried when my dd had a boy in her class who had teeth so rotten I am positive they could never have been brushed ever. I give credit to teachers who make a difference to these kid's lives.

Lara2 Sat 05-Nov-05 00:33:45

It's almost worse going to parents' evenings when they know you're a teacher too! I went to DS2's on Tuesday to be told that he had told a student 4 times that he wasn't going to do the work she asked him to do and walked back into the classroom!!! Oh the shame!! He's 8 and Asperger's, but still........

Ellbell Mon 07-Nov-05 16:49:47

Just back from parents' afternoon at dd1's school.

Apparently dd1 is a lovely child [proud emoticon], who particularly enjoys sharing her experiences at carpet time [never bloody shuts up]. She has very good general knowledge [constantly witters on about stuff which is not what the rest of the class are doing] and loves to talk about her little sister [when the rest of the class are doing something more productive]. She could sometimes do to listen a bit more [as opposed to bloody wittering on all the time] and is sometimes a bit slow to finish her work [because she is constantly wittering on about something else].

Seriously... the teacher was obviously quite fond of her (said she was always smiling, which is true, and also coincidentally what dd1 says about her teacher ) and she seems to be doing well, but I could have written the above myself before going in there!

Ellbell Mon 07-Nov-05 17:19:44

Just had this conversation in the car, a propos of parents' afternoon...

Me to dd1 (age 5): Mrs X said you are very articulate. Do you know what that means?

Dd1: Yes. It means I'm good at art.

Anteater Mon 07-Nov-05 22:34:56

So glad I read this before tonights meeting..
DS1, a joy to have in the class , such a change from DD1, who hit 3 of the euphemisms below!

lucycinco Mon 07-Nov-05 22:38:50

I learnt to my horror that one boy at my school had been hit because of what had been said at school. In a meeting with his parents, we were told that we weren't strict enough and should hit him

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